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Are we witnessing an AI takeover !? 

As AI capabilities continue to expand, emulating and augmenting human skills, they tend to materialize in organizations in the form of a virtual workforce. It is becoming an increasingly sought-after option—especially for organizations looking to complement their existing human workforce and harness additional virtual resources capable of handling part of their business operations. The benefits of a virtual workforce are flexibility, increased market opportunities, lower overhead costs, higher scalability, process automatization, and more satisfied employees meaning higher productivity.

The future of BPO combines all the benefits of automatization, and many experts point to the virtual workforce and AI as the main avenue through which BPO will change.
AI is now getting used in multiple fields, from simply your mobile phone to diagnosing diseases that provide a high-performance and accurate system to work efficiently. Also, AI is used in Agriculture and Farming, Autonomous Flying, Retail, Shopping and Fashion, Security, Manufacturing and Production, and Healthcare and Medicine.
The availability of big data for deep learning will help integrate the AI into various other vital areas taking automated technology to the next level with zero flaws and maximum efficiency.

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Robotic process automation (RPA): RPA uses bots or artificial intelligence (AI), a form of cognitive computing. These robots operate on a user interface in the same way a human worker would. Due to the demand for increased cost efficiency and innovation, robots
are becoming more widespread. According to the Institute for Robotic Process Automation, RPA creates 25-50 percent cost savings. Robots cost between one-fifth to one-ninth of a full-time equivalent (FTE) worker in the United States, and about one-half of an FTE in a developing country. Some experts postulate that BPOs may adopt RPA in limited use or that BPOs will still have contracts, but their role will change to become more consultant.


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