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Today’s economic climate is clearly causing gloom, doom, fear and often panic. A host of factors – the credit crunch, unprecedented economic volatility, fuel costs, increased governmental regulations – together are significantly impacting the industry’s bottom line – BPO to the rescue!

Business process outsourcing and optimization (BPO) represents a strategic and efficient life raft, contracting a specific work process or processes to an external service provider. BPO usually fills supplementary — as opposed to core — business functions, with services that could be either technical or nontechnical.  Companies are often drawn to BPO because it affords them greater operational flexibility. By optimizing non-core and administrative functions, companies can reallocate time and resources to core competencies like customer relations and product leadership, which ultimately results in advantages over competing businesses in its industry. In addition, one of many reasons to engage in outsourcing businesses are to enable flexibility, more global presence, better quality, performance and improved speed. BPO industry is showing increased optimism overall about market growth and usage of innovative technologies such as cloud computing and process automation will take your business to the next level.

SGS provides customized professional services using unique cloud solutions which include unpublished know-how technical knowledge. We are in a growth phase, eager to achieve further business development and expansion and therefore, we decided to open a new investment period.

More about SGS innovative services and IT solutions can be found on the corporate website and more about Investment opportunity in our Investment teaser.