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Unlocking Europe’s Economic Powerhouse: Western Balkans & DaaS Innovation

Becoming part of the EU single market is not just about trade—it’s about investment, economic modernization, democratic progress, rule of law, and better regional cooperation. In recent years, several initiatives have been adopted to foster regional economic integration, including the Common Regional Market Action Plan 2021-2024. These initiatives aim to build a common regional market based on EU rules and regulations and on the four freedoms. They are intended to be a stepping stone for Western Balkan economies to better integrate into European value chains and improve their competitiveness. The initiatives have focused on four main regional areas: trade, investment, digitalization, and industry and innovation. The establishment of “green lanes”—streamlined border crossings for freight vehicles—during the COVID-19 pandemic was a successful example of regional cooperation. 

The Berlin Process, a very important initiative that has pushed for faster economic integration with the EU, has also been revitalized, and the next meeting will be held in Albania in October. The Open Balkans Initiative, another project that started as an economic cooperation agreement among Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania in 2021, has also offered some practical steps for better economic cooperation in the region. 

Regional economic integration is imperative for the Western Balkans to benefit from bigger markets and greater competition by fostering cross-border production chains and leveraging regional comparative advantages. To attract the interest of serious foreign investors, it is necessary to cooperate in a “pooled” competition for foreign direct investment. This will help countries to improve their competitiveness by incentivizing technological and industrial clusters, as well as help modernize their economies, facilitate innovation, and improve skills and productivity. 

As European companies are looking to relocate their supply chains closer to home, investing in the Western Balkans for the production of critical goods would contribute to the EU’s strategic economic autonomy, following through on the “de-risking” goals that occupy a key place in the EU’s newly published European Economic Security Strategy. 

In this context, Scalable Global Solutions (SGS), operating from Croatia within the Western Balkan region, plays a pivotal role. SGS offers SME businesses across Europe a unique digital service known as ‘Department as a Solution (DaaS).’ DaaS allows businesses to create remote Business Departments on demand, streamlining recruitment, facilitating office setup, and enabling effortless management of remote teams, all in one place through SGS’s software and mobile app. This innovative solution is helping businesses expand their operations efficiently and cost-effectively, aligning with the goals of regional economic integration and enhancing competitiveness. 

Developing European industrial clusters in the Western Balkans would increase the EU’s competitiveness, including in key areas such as green and solar industries, biotech, and electric vehicles. Ports in the Adriatic Sea are important for the resilience of trade routes and hold potential for investment in liquefied natural gas transportation as well. 

Lower labor costs in the Western Balkans and strategic connectivity in terms of energy and transport make the region attractive, but what is needed is more EU investment to improve infrastructural networks. EU investment in strategic infrastructure projects in the Western Balkans to boost interconnectedness would also counter China’s increased economic and diplomatic footprint in the Western Balkans. This growing footprint challenges European business interests and fuels practices that hinder the EU’s ability to enhance the promotion of Western norms and standards. 

Source: Western Balkans ‘nearshoring’ can turn the region into a strategic asset for the EU – Atlantic Council 

Croatia’s Startup Potential on Full Display: Google Acquires a Croatian Startup for 0,5 billion USD

In a groundbreaking move, Google has successfully acquired Photomath, a Croatian startup renowned for its mobile app that solves math problems through pictures. Valued at an estimated 550 million USD, this acquisition marks a historic milestone in Croatia’s startup landscape. 

Despite this good news for Croatia´s startup ecosystem, the EU startup landscape has seen funding for venture-backed startups, decline by a 39% in 2023. Dropping from $83 billion in 2022 to an expected $51 billion. This decrease can largely be attributed to a retreat from U.S. investors, who play a significant role in driving funding activity in Europe. Despite these challenges, Croatia’s local and regional VC funds remain strong, presenting opportunities for growth and showcasing the country’s commitment to supporting innovation. 

Amidst the changing landscape of European startups, SGS has managed to shine with an outstanding performance in Q2 2023 compared to the same quarter in 2022. Despite the negative outlook on the funding market, the company witnessed a remarkable QoQ revenue growth of 117%. This highlights the opportunities the Covid-19 crisis has unlocked and the growing interest of businesses looking for alternative ways of working and reducing costs positioning SGS as an ideal support for any kind of business. 

However, the challenging EU fundraising market also impacted SGS’s efforts, resulting in a 74% reduction in raised funds during Q2 2023 compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, the company’s commitment to responsible financial management and sustainable growth remains steadfast. 

On a positive note, Q2 2023 witnessed an impressive client acquisition for SGS, growing its client base from 3 to 11 clients, representing a remarkable growth rate of 267%. This expansion reflects the growing recognition of the company’s brand and the trust clients place in its products and services. 

Furthermore, SGS’s diligence in executing its revenue strategy is evident in the achieving of a planned revenue increase of 250% in comparison to the year 2022. With only a slight variance of -0.30% from the planned revenue target in Q2 2023, this minor deviation highlights the company’s impressive growth. Considering we are only halfway through 2023 these numbers leave us excited about Q3 and Q4 and demonstrate SGS’s adjustability to market dynamics and its pursuit of continuous improvement. 

In Europe’s challenging startup landscape, the acquisition of Photomath by Google represents a significant milestone in Croatia’s entrepreneurial journey. Adding to the recent success stories of Croatia’s unicorns Rimac Automobili and Infobip, this demonstrates the potential of Croatia as a thriving and innovative startup ecosystem.  

SGS’s impressive Q2 performance showcases its unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability in dynamic market conditions, with remarkable revenue growth and successful client acquisitions highlighting its strong market positioning. Irrespective of funding situations in Croatia or Europe, SGS continues to experience steady growth and continues to deliver an outstanding performance in Q2 of 2023, which serves as a testament to the market’s interest in our DaaS product and services. As we look towards the future, our primary focus remains on achieving our Break-Even point, a major milestone that will significantly reduce our reliance on external investment to cover our burn rate. Once we successfully reach this important goal, we intend to allocate all incoming investments toward the expansion of our Sales and Channel Team, as well as the development of the highly anticipated 2.0 version of our SGS ONE software. 

We sincerely thank our investors, clients, and employees for their continued support and dedication, which has been pivotal in our ongoing success, and we are looking forward to the challenges yet to come. 

Navigating the Future of Work: Insights from the World Economic Forums’ Annual Meeting

2022 witnessed a glimmer of hope as COVID-19 restrictions eased, paving the way for a more optimistic outlook in 2023. The year began with aspirations of leaving the pandemic behind and embracing a new normal. However, the aftermath of the global crisis continues to cast its shadow on the business world. The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting held from the 16th to the 20th of January 2023 addressed these lingering aftereffects, focusing on the transformative impact of the challenges of the past three years.  

One of the key topics of discussion at the meeting was the future of work, encompassing anticipated changes in work conduct influenced by technology, generational shifts, and social dynamics. Part of the discussions focused on the issue of a growing talent gap in the EU, where more than 75% of companies report difficulties finding skilled workers, underscores the importance of addressing skills shortages in the region. While organizations express confidence in developing their existing workforce, they are less optimistic about talent availability in the coming years. This scarcity of talent poses a significant barrier to industry transformation, with skills gaps and difficulty attracting talent being key challenges. SGS recognizes these global issues as significant opportunities, as we focus on solving talent acquisition problems and assisting companies in adapting to dynamic market conditions.  

Part of the discussion on the future of work revolved around the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has brought about a major shift in the future of work, with three major trends reshaping how businesses operate. Remote work and virtual meetings have become the new norm, providing greater flexibility, and breaking down geographical barriers. E-commerce has witnessed unprecedented growth, compelling businesses to rethink their digital strategies. Simultaneously, the rapid adoption of digital technologies, such as automation and AI, has revolutionized various industries and work processes. As a result, traditional work setups are being reimagined, and businesses are now seeking sustainable growth and new ways of working. 

For SGS, these emerging trends present exciting opportunities, as the number of potential clients grows exponentially. Even conservative companies that were once skeptical about remote work are now open to exploring new possibilities. Our expertise in this area is highly valuable and relevant, as we remain committed to helping organizations navigate these changes and capitalize on the potential for success in the evolving landscape of work.  

In light of these global discussions, our company, during Q1 2023, demonstrated impressive performance and unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability in dynamic market conditions. Notable achievements include a remarkable 232% increase in revenue compared to Q1 2022, a testament to the effectiveness of our strategic initiatives and the strong demand for our products and services in the market. 

By leveraging our current network of investors and reaching out to past investors, we achieved an impressive 69% increase in investments raised during this quarter compared to the same period last year. This success is a testament to the strong relationships we have built with our investors and their continued confidence in our business and growth prospects.  

Moreover, our client base experienced remarkable expansion during the same period, growing from 2 clients in 2022 to 10 clients, representing an impressive growth rate of 400%. This growth underscores the market’s recognition of the quality and value of our SGS ONE software and our DaaS solution. Furthermore, it is not only the growth of our client base but also our customer satisfaction, which has been a key driver of our success. Read more about the success story of our largest client ORBIS. 

Our company has consistently surpassed planned revenue targets, achieving a growth rate of 3.60% beyond the set plan in Q1 2023. This further illustrates our adaptability and ability to thrive in dynamic market conditions. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our investors, clients, and employees for their unwavering support and commitment, which has been instrumental in our success. 

With the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting providing valuable insights into the future of work and the global business landscape, we are poised to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead with confidence and resilience. Together, we look forward to a path of growth and prosperity in this ever-changing world of work. 

Scaling New Heights: Welcoming our new Partner “Der Mittelstand. BVMW”.

We are excited to announce our new partner “Der Mittelstand. BVMW” is joining our SGS Team. As one of Germany´s largest and most active business networks for SMEs, we look forward to working together toward making an impact in today’s dynamic market. 

“Der Mittelstand. BVMW” stands at the forefront of the SME ecosystem in Germany, advising and driving the success of medium-sized companies across Germany. With a network of more than 300 local consultants and international offices, they have built a reputation for providing valuable resources, advocacy for favorable business conditions, and a wealth of knowledge on relevant topics. Their core philosophy of “by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs” deeply resonates with our vision, and together, we are excited to make an impact in the investment world. 

Join us in celebrating this important milestone as we start on a new path together with “Der Mittelstand. BVMW”. 

Risks and returns on investing in a SaaS start-up

Philippe Botteri from Accel stated that if the current growth continues at this pace, the cloud solutions might overtake on-premises software in value by 2025 and the entire software market should be worth approximately $1 trillion.

SaaS is a subscription-based or pay-per-use model that users can access through online via a web browser. It has a significantly lower upfront cost compared to a one-time fee for an on-premises solution, which is a large capital investment and has a lengthy (and often complicated) implementation process. The SaaS model decreases the financial risk as it is paid either monthly, quarterly, or annually and can be canceled anytime, compared to a one-time fee for traditional software.


SaaS are attractive investments for several reasons:

  1. Predictable and recurring revenue – just like with any subscription-based software (Netflix e.g.), investors can count that the income stream will be secure, it can be grown by getting more subscriptions or increasing its cost, compared to a one-time purchase of software (or movie for this analogy).
  2. Already in the modern consumer mindset – instead of having to buy one large and expensive purchase, the modern consumer likes to have options, flexibility, and more reasonable-priced products. A suitable market already exists for the SaaS business model, you just need to have the right product.
  3. Capital efficient – based on insights from Crunchbase, 49% of all SaaS funded by VC’s that exited, raised less than $10m before their exit.


On the other hand, there are certain risks of investing in SaaS:

  1. Governance – with scalability, as the company grows, the number of users that use the software grows as well, meaning, a lot of data is just floating around, and that data needs to be organized. Financially speaking, if a company does not know if its platform or apps are being used to their fullest, they are losing money. Companies that have well-structured governance are reported to have almost 20% increased revenue than their competition. Connected with this, is also data privacy, where a company must be always aware that they are compliant with data privacy laws such as GDPR.
  2. Continuous development – the SaaS market is constantly evolving, with new services right behind the block. If the company is not agile in adapting to changes on time, it will be a sign of weakness and it will reflect on their value in the end. The SaaS market is extremely volatile, and if you are not ready for that kind of a “ride”, think again before you invest in these kinds of companies.
  3. Economic crisis and the big players – smaller SaaS’s, who are on the path of becoming profitable, face two more risks. The first one is if an economic crisis would occur, smaller companies do not have the cash reserves to withstand a serious market downfall, where the need for their services will rapidly decline.


The second is the danger of big players in the software market, where they can simply buy out the smaller ones or use their near-unlimited cash reserves to create a rival SaaS of the smaller companies.

There are certainly ups and downs when it comes to investing in SaaS, with plenty of rewards if the investments are successful, but with risks as well.




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Unlocking Business Growth: Why SGS DaaS is a Worthy Investment


In recent years, startups have become a popular investment opportunity for investors looking for high-growth potential and innovative solutions to problems. SGS Department as a Solution (SGS DaaS) is a startup that investors should consider investing in. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why SGS is a worthy investment.



Revolutionising Business Growth in Zagreb with SGS’s Data-driven Solutions

SGS is a company that specializes in helping businesses make informed decisions and build their business in Zagreb. The company’s core focus is on leveraging cutting-edge technology and software such as SGS ONE to enable businesses to access, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data, identify patterns and trends, and develop insights to drive business growth. SGS is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and become a key player in the industry.
SGS had a record-breaking year in 2021, reaching key milestones including acquiring new clients and securing incremental investment from both existing and new investors. The company has raised over €1.9 M in funding from nine investors in total.


Below is an overview of our key 2022 growth metrics:


Unleashing Business Potential in Zagreb with SGS DaaS’s Expert Data Team

The company has a strong team of professionals with extensive experience in data analytics, and business strategy. The company’s team includes experts in data science, software engineering, HR, finance, and business development, among others. This team has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions and driving growth for businesses across various industries. The expertise and experience of this company team make them a reliable partner for businesses.


Customized Solutions for Business Success

Scalable Global Solutions has a unique business model that sets it apart from its competitors. The company provides customised solutions tailored to each client’s unique business needs and challenges. This personalised approach enables SGS DaaS to deliver high-quality services designed to address specific business problems.
Our investors have already seen a positive return on their investment with the company’s share price increasing. This success incentivizes follow-on investments and further strengthens our partnerships.



Versatile Data Solutions for All Industries

The company has a diverse range of clients from various industries, including hospitality, software, and HR, among others. The company’s solutions are designed to be scalable and adaptable to each client’s specific needs. This versatility makes DaaS an attractive partner for businesses looking to improve their operations.


Driving Social Responsibility through Technology with SGS

Finally, Scalable Global Solutions is a startup that is committed to social responsibility. The company aims to use its technology to make a positive impact on society by helping businesses make decisions that are both ethical and sustainable.
As you can see above SGS Department as a Solution is a promising startup in which investors should consider investing. SGS is in a favourable position to emerge as a prominent player in their industry due to its strong team, innovative business model, broad client base, and dedication to social responsibility. Investing in Scalable Global Solutions offers the potential for high growth and a positive impact on society, making it a compelling investment opportunity with high returns.

For the latest details about our current investment round, reach out to our Investment Team at [email protected] and check out our latest company presentation: Scalable Global Solutions JSC (



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SGS submits project proposal on InvestEU Portal

We are excited to announce that Scalable Global Solutions has submitted a funding proposal on the InvestEU Portal. This platform offers an easy-to-use project database that grants visibility to EU, Iceland, or Norway-based projects that are seeking financing. It also provides investors with information about available investment opportunities.

Our project proposal aims to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) by providing a unique solution that allows them to create and manage their own teams in another location, without opening a new entity. We offer globally sourced talent, office space and equipment, handle compliance, and implement a CRM system to automate processes, enabling SMEs to quickly and efficiently scale their operations and enter new markets.

We are confident that our proposal will be selected for funding, as it aligns with the InvestEU Portal’s mission to support SMEs and promote economic growth and development. We will keep you updated on the progress of our proposal and any developments in the future.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to secure funding through the InvestEU Portal, and we look forward to the potential growth and success that this funding will bring to our company and our clients.

We are exhibiting at the WI Capital Expo in London

Scalable Global Solutions is proud to announce that we will be one of the featured companies at the exclusive WI Capital EXPO 2022 Conference, live in London!

As part of participating, we have secured 30 complimentary tickets! We invite you to join us at the event. This year’s theme is focused on “The Era of Exponential Innovation”. Claim your complimentary ticket here:

will be hosting WI Capital EXPO 2022 London on Monday, 14th of November, live and in-person, for the first time in London!
The event is a whole day filled with 10+ speakers, including VC reps from the UK’s leading investment firms and subject matter experts, providing deep dives across all emerging technologies. In addition, they’ll be leading investor education to help investors build a strong thesis.

Keynote speakers and panelists include Jenny Tooth OBE (United Kingdom British Business Angel Association), Nathan Kelleher (True Altitude), Will Rowe Octopus Hydrogen), Peter Bance (Origami), Saloni Bhojwani (Pink Salt Ventures), Kamelya Jaoudi (Plug and Play Tech Center), Pauline Li (Madonna Capital).

The venue of the event will be at etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate, located at 155 Bishopsgate London EC2M 3YD, United Kingdom.

We look forward to meeting investors and business partners to discuss our unique DaaS solution. So please stop by our booth and chat with our Founder and CEO, Markus Borlinghaus.




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Venture & Capital 2022 startup event in London

This month, we were a part of the Venture & Capital 2022 startup event in London, UK, hosted by Wholesale Investor.

Our CEO, Markus Borlinghaus, gave a brief company presentation and presented our latest investment round to participating investors, partners and potential clients.

Check the whole pitch on our YouTube channel.

European Investment Opportunity

Founder’s Quote:

My vision is to create the next evolutionary step of remote work – the Department as a solution. Our DaaS service presents an end-to-end solution for SMEs looking to transform their business, save costs and increase overall efficiency and effectiveness by a minimum of 15%.  

The global Future of Work market is growing rapidly; as of 2021, it is estimated to be €630B. Join us on the journey of shaping today’s future of work.


Markus Borlinghaus, Founder & CEO, Scalable Global Solutions


Executive Summary 

SGS (Scalable Global Solutions) is a Croatian start-up that allows companies to employ and manage remote-working local talent without forming a subsidiary.

The company’s end-to-end solution, DaaS (Department as a Solution), is industry agnostic, covering 8 core company functions, ranging from sales and IT to customer care. It presents a breakthrough in unlocking client growth, optimising business processes and finding key talent.

SGS ONE, the company’s CRM system, was created to provide a unique experience for the hiring and onboarding process and later serve as a support tool for every department.  

While the client interviews and selects the desired employees, SGS facilitates the office space and equipment while handling payroll and local employment compliance. This way, companies can hire and manage their full-time employees globally 


Investment Highlights 

SGS is in the position to thrive in the Future of Work (FoW) – International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts investment in technologies supporting FoW initiatives will exceed $1T worldwide by 2024 with a robust 17% CAGR over the five-year forecast period.

The company achieved 44% monthly revenue growth since Dec 2021. 

SGS has scaled up existing clients’ teams by using DaaS. The largest client plans to ramp up its team of developers to 30 developers by the end of 2022.  

The company’s founder and CEO exited two companies (one to Juniper and one to Microsoft) and held executive positions at Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Xerox, and ATI. 

It has three signed clients with a €5M deal pipeline.  

SGS launched a channel partnership network with three signed partners this year. 

SGS raised €1.6M in funding from five investors, including a family office committed to investing further. 


Investment Offering

SGS is raising €2.3M of growth capital for its Seed round, with five angel investors on board committed to investing more. 


Learn more about SGS:




How do we create your next department?

Scalable Global Solutions focuses on driving and creating a real, positive change on our clients’ impact in their market. We achieve this through our unique service – Department as a Solution (DaaS).


DaaS enables companies to create and build their remote teams and departments, in our offices, in Croatia.


Our game-changing solution is that our clients:

  • Get access to a worldwide talent pool.
  • Handpick who they want to hire.
  • Do not need to create a subsidiary to commence operations and hire employees.
  • Can easily manage their new team and department with our SGS ONE software.


DaaS presents the future of employment to SMBs and SMEs in Europe that have issues such as:

  • Driving efficiency: cost optimization, value chain improvement, and increasing global competition.
  • Talent issues: finding and keeping skilled employees is a crucial challenge for nearly 50% of businesses in 2022. Having a highly-skilled employee base is vital for innovation and further growth.
  • There are no business optimization tools in place: this manifests in not using state-of-the-art processes.


DaaS is an industry agnostic solution covering eight core corporate segments.​ Click on each solution to find out more.


The client retains 100% control over their team and their day-to-day activities.
By having a remote-based and employed team in Croatia, the client ends up with a 50% more affordable team than in, e.g. Central, Northern or Western Europe.


How does DaaS work?


1. Client Requirements Plan

  • Candidate specifications
  • Number of employees
  • Level of expertise
  • Language skills
  • Additional skills

2. SGS Recruitment Process

  • Global search for local placement
  • Recruitment network in the CEE region and globally
  • Filter candidates that match the job description

3. Client Selection

  • Interview
  • Evaluate
  • Decide

4. SGS Integration

  • Employing the candidates
  • Payroll and local law compliance
  • Dedicate office space and equipment
  • Whole department = one monthly invoice

5. Client Integration

  • New hires integrated as clients’ employees
  • New team is ready and set to work
  • Exclusively managed by the client

SGS, as the Employer of Record, empowers companies to commence operations in Croatia quickly and compliantly, without the costs and time restraints associated with establishing a new local entity/subsidiary.


Want to learn more about DaaS?

Please get in touch with us at [email protected].



Emergence 2022 London –Wrap up

We are proud to have participated at our first business conference in London, where we gave an excellent presentation and made an even better impression.

The Emergence conference, hosted by Wholesale Investor throughout the day, had approx. Four hundred attendees: various family office representatives, HNW individuals, consultants, advisors, and potential clients and business partners. Mr. Steve Torsoof the Wholesale Investor network gave the opening speech, followed by a series of 8-min presentations from each exhibiting company, including SGS. The venue was at the Chartered Accountants’ Hall at One Moorgate Place, located in the very town centre of London. Our booth was situated at the hall entrance, which proved to be an excellent thing as all people leaving the hall had to pass by us.

We have met many interesting people, industry experts, potential investors, clients and business partners with whom we are looking forward to doing business. The Emergence conference was a success on multiple fronts, and the SGS team is looking forward to the following discussions.




VC Transactions In CEE Report – 2021

The CEE region is seeing a record-breaking boom in venture capital financing in recent years and has become a hotspot for VC firms wanting to invest in fast-growing tech companies in the region. The year 2021 was no exception for the venture capital sector, with the CEE market seeing outstanding growth in venture capital investments. In 2021, CEE businesses have raised over €5.4 billion in VC capital across over 1000 rounds.


Since the data only includes publicly stated rounds, the true amount of financing in Central and Eastern Europe is much higher. Compared with the previous year, 2020, where companies raised over €2.2 billion in over 1200 rounds, the total amount of investments almost tripled, while the average round size roughly doubled.



See us live at the London Emergence conference


Scalable Global Solutions is proud to announce that we will be one of the featured companies at the exclusive Emergence 2022 Conference, live in London!


As part of participating, we have secured 20 complimentary online tickets! We invite you to join us at the event. This year’s theme is focused on “The Era of Exponential Innovation”.


Claim your complimentary ticket here:


Wholesale Investor will be hosting Emergence 2022 London live and in-person on the 28th of March for the first time in two years!


The event is a whole day filled with 10+ speakers, including VC reps from the UK’s leading investment firms and subject matter experts providing deep dives across all emerging technologies. They’ll be leading our investor education with the aim of helping investors build a strong thesis.


Keynote speakers and panellists include Nolan Gray, Mona Tiesler (tokentus investment AG), Francesco Perticarari (Silicon Roundabout Ventures), Kevin Monserrat (Consilience Ventures), Priya Guliani (Government Blockchain Association), and many more.


See you there!


SGS Announces a New Strategic Investment


Today, Scalable Global Solutions is proud to announce that we have raised an additional strategic investment of €250k+ from our existing angel investors. This tremendous vote of confidence and continuing support from our investors, for which we are thankful, will assist us in realizing our vision –introducing a new concept to clients that enable them to become more successful and competitive. Following last year’s round of €600k, this additional investment brings our total funding to €1,6 million to date.


The new funding will allow us to find even more highly qualified personnel to join our ranks, close even more deals and scale existing signed deals. In addition, part of the investment will be used to upgrade our CRM system, the SGS ONE, allowing our clients to manage their remote teams even more efficiently. Our team is growing in size month-over-month, and we aim to accelerate our growth plans to become the global DaaS provider and partner with leading experts who want to become a part of our story.


On behalf of the SGS team, we thank our clients, partners and investors for putting their trust in us on this journey, and we are excited to write our following chapters together.