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Mastering Marketing: Proven Tactics for Business Growth

Unlocking the secrets to marketing success requires a holistic approach that combines a deep understanding of your target audience, a compelling brand identity, and clear, measurable goals. In the digital realm, harness the power of SEO, content marketing, social media, and email campaigns to engage and convert your audience. Don’t forget traditional tactics like print advertising, networking, and public relations, which still hold relevance in today’s multifaceted marketing landscape. To maintain your competitive edge, regularly measure your results using analytics and KPIs, and don’t shy away from A/B testing to refine your strategies. Stay ahead of the competition by continually learning and innovating. Marketing success is an ongoing journey that, when embraced with dedication and creativity, will lead your business to thrive in a competitive world.

Revolutionize Your Recruitment Process with RTS: Excellent Next-Generation DaaS Solution!

The recruitment industry is highly competitive, and finding the right talent for a job opening can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Recruitment agencies and process outsourcers are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that can streamline their enrollment process, improve search quality, and reduce costs. That’s where RTS (Research Talent Service) comes in as the next-generation DaaS (Department as a Solution) solution.



RTS offers a unique solution to the enrollment industry, catering to the needs of both enrollment agencies and process outsourcers. The service is designed to be online and real-time, allowing recruiters to access it from anywhere, at any time. This feature makes it an ideal solution for remote enrollment teams, offering them flexibility and convenience.

The RTS team covers the research and identification part of the placement process, which is often the most time-consuming aspect of the enrollment process. By allowing RTS to handle this part of the process, recruiters can focus on more critical tasks such as interviewing and placing the candidates. This feature enables recruiters to be more efficient and productive, ultimately improving their bottom line.

One of the significant advantages of RTS is the real-time reporting it offers to clients. Recruitment agencies and process outsourcers can provide their clients with up-to-date progress reports on the enrollment process. This transparency and efficiency build trust with clients, ultimately resulting in better business relationships. The real-time reporting feature of RTS allows recruitment agencies and process outsourcers to keep their clients informed of the enrollment process’s progress, making them feel involved and engaged throughout the process.


SGS Philosophy


sgs philosophy


RTS is also designed to reduce the sourcing cost for the recruitment industry by up to 50%. By using RTS, recruiters can streamline their processes and save time and money, ultimately improving their bottom line. The cost-saving feature of RTS makes it an attractive option for talent search agencies and process outsourcers looking to improve their financial performance.

Another significant benefit of RTS is the candidate coordination it offers. Recruiters can easily communicate with candidates and schedule interviews or assessments from the RTS platform. This feature simplifies the enrollment process, reducing the chance of miscommunication and errors, and resulting in a smoother, more effective hiring process.

RTS is an innovative solution that is changing the enrollment industry. Its online, real-time, and cost-effective features make it an ideal choice for talent search agencies and process outsourcers looking to streamline their enrollment process. The unique features of RTS make it an attractive option for businesses looking to improve their bottom line while maintaining a high level of recruitment quality



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RTS is a unique solution for the recruitment industry that offers a range of benefits. It streamlines the enrollment process, improves search quality, reduces costs, provides real-time reporting, and simplifies candidate coordination. By using RTS, recruitment agencies and process outsourcers can increase their efficiency and transparency, ultimately resulting in better business relationships and improved bottom lines. RTS is an innovative solution that is changing the recruitment industry, and it’s worth considering for businesses looking to optimize their recruitment process.



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SGS goes German

Finally, our German website went live today. As stated in our last announcement, this is done to support our clients, partners, business and initiatives in the D/A/CH region.

Endlich, ist unsere deutsche Website heute live gegangen. Wie in der letzten Ankündigung dargestellt, dient dieser wichtige Schritt um unsere Kunden, Partner und Geschäftsinitiativen in der D/A/CH Region zu unterstützen.

We are going Multilingual!

SGS freut sich bekannt zu geben, das wir am 14.01.2014 unsere Webseite in deutscher Sprache starten. Wir unterstützen damit unsere geschäftlichen Aktivitäten für unsere Kunden und Partner in der deutschsprachigen D/A/CH Region. Wir bedanken uns für das erhaltene Feedback und das Vertrauen unserer Kunden in SGS. Wir wünschen Ihnen allen ein frohes neues Jahr.

SGS is pleased to announce that from 14.01.2022, our website will be available in the German language. We do this to support our business, clients, and partners in the German-speaking D/A/CH region as we keep our growing demand for our DaaS Solution in the area. We appreciate any feedback and value our client’s business. We wish you all a happy New Year.




How to find a perfect employee

One man does make a difference, and it is important that those differences are profitable when it comes to business. But how can you trust someone with your success? There is just one solution – a perfect employee. Some say that prosperous work cannot be achieved without trust among team members, and therefore, it is important to find an employee that is talkative, attentive, precise, and a team player. Of course, there are many other desirable characteristics. Some say a perfect employee must always learn and be proud of his job, others say it is important that the employee is punctual and that he/she does not feel afraid to ignore the description of the job and think outside the box.

Among many information, one is certain. If you are looking for an employee, you are looking for someone specially educated, with a unique personality, who will be ready to fit in your space ideally. Thanks to the 21st century, you are no longer obligated to search alone, because there are numerous agencies and all kinds of companies that will be happy to give you advice and save your time in search of the treasure. In that sea of offers, we are here to present you with something different, more efficient, and less time-consuming, with the best results at the reach of your hand.

We are a full-service company whose primary goal is to be a trusted advisor to our clients. As a result of the hard-working and constant development of knowledge, we gained experience and established specially designed programs for maximum results. We are using BPO Z, RPO, and CLOUD SERVICES as one fused technically innovative solution for our clients. Therefore, our clients can let all their worries go away and indulge with us on the road to victory. With minimum expenses for the clients, we offer help and support in order to optimize business processes and provide a competitive advantage. Thus, we are changing and reshaping the BPO Z industry.

Among the different services we are providing, you can be the one grabbing the best opportunity. To find more about this desirable chance, visit



BPO – Business Process Optimization

Today’s economic climate is clearly causing gloom, doom, fear and often panic. A host of factors – the credit crunch, unprecedented economic volatility, fuel costs, increased governmental regulations – together are significantly impacting the industry’s bottom line – BPO to the rescue!

Business process outsourcing and optimization (BPO) represents a strategic and efficient life raft, contracting a specific work process or processes to an external service provider. BPO usually fills supplementary — as opposed to core — business functions, with services that could be either technical or nontechnical.  Companies are often drawn to BPO because it affords them greater operational flexibility. By optimizing non-core and administrative functions, companies can reallocate time and resources to core competencies like customer relations and product leadership, which ultimately results in advantages over competing businesses in its industry. In addition, one of many reasons to engage in outsourcing businesses are to enable flexibility, more global presence, better quality, performance and improved speed. BPO industry is showing increased optimism overall about market growth and usage of innovative technologies such as cloud computing and process automation will take your business to the next level.

SGS provides customized professional services using unique cloud solutions which include unpublished know-how technical knowledge. We are in a growth phase, eager to achieve further business development and expansion and therefore, we decided to open a new investment period.

More about SGS innovative services and IT solutions can be found on the corporate website and more about Investment opportunity in our Investment teaser.

2021 the milestone to a new world

As W. C. Stone had said: “Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.” Last year was far from the best that are known; however, it kept a heart of existence, the impulse to fight. Even though more than half of enterprises are in arrears or likely to fall into arrears (Paul Blake, Divyanshi Wadhwa), new year enabled better outcomes. There are many trends arising, and the one who reaches its start will likely thrive. Hence, what is it that needs to be done?

While some highlighted 2020 as a year of social isolation, others see it as an eye-opening period in which people discovered the importance of socializing and respecting nature (American College of Cardiology). To achieve the most, it is necessary to keep making steps forward. Indisputably, disadvantages of the past period are still visible, however the solutions are on the horizon. For start, 2020 introduced countless possibilities of using technology.
Virtual reality (Omkar Dharmapuri) gives the opportunity to continue the exchange of information face to face despite the geographical distance. Thanks to it, the experience of visualization and the painting of imagination both create fantastic and practical new dimensions.
Combined with the extraordinary 5G network (Bernard Marr), the possibilities were never as much limitless as today.

Science keeps surprising us with even more useful knowledge, which is possible thanks to the development of robotics. Drones, vehicle automation (Bernard Marr) and overall evolution of mechanics and technology provides the world with new discoveries, innovative approaches to maturing of society and leads to a better tomorrow. Change of the global aspect demands progress on the smaller scales. Now, in 2021 all enterprises will need to adjust to the big circle of transformation by embracing the changes and use it as the best way to promote and deliver their services to the customers. Product is never just what it is, yet is what it may become by perception, is it?

It is correct to conclude that there is no rainbow without rain. If people were not obligated to work over the internet, many bright sides of online team-working might stay hidden for a long time. Yet there are a few positive aspects that some predict in 2021, as developing new skills due to easy access to many courses online (Nader Sabry). We are going forward! New ideas are becoming present-day solutions for much happier, healthier and harmonious life.

And that is precisely why we are here. Thanks to the innovative approach we are using, our work kept progressing despite the measures and allowed us to bring state-of-the-art BPO services to the market. Our team is equally efficient no matter the circumstances and provides clients with ideal solutions for the affordable price. The fact that we are located in Croatia allows us to work with minimum costs, but well-educated employees and up-to-date technology let us implement our goals on the satisfaction of the clients. It is your moment now to grab an outstanding chance and become part of the growing opportunity, visit:


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SaaS [Software as a service]

With IOT, SaaS (software as a service) innovated the industry, which exponentially grew over the past few years, with some companies basing their business on it.


sgs one

What is a software as a service? 

SaaS, for short, is when you pay to use the software as you would any benefit on a monthly, yearly or any other basis. But SaaS takes away from the usual perpetual licensing model, a massive barrier for startups because of their low costs. SaaS opens up new opportunities for companies that otherwise would not have existed and allows for a more diverse portfolio of entrepreneurs.



Another advantage of Software as a service is easy to be used, because it requires a stable internet connection. There is no need for an agent to come and set up the program since everything is cloud-based. With all of the updates that can do over the air, software is a cost and time-saving solution. But what is most important, it creates a mind pace.




Compared to previously used license deals because you can upgrade anything you want whenever you want, depending on your needs. Meaning that if you hire new people, you can easily add them to the list of current users, and it at a much lower cost than previously. This ties into the scalability of SaaS, which has enormous potential.



More about SGS innovative services and solutions read on the corporate website. More about Investment opportunity and your interests, please read at Investment Teaser.