COVID-19 impact on mental health and work productivity - SGS JSC

SGS Content Creator & Social Media Coordinator

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver, said Mahatma Gandhi. We have all witnessed a pandemic, a global panic, and a fear of the unknown for the past few months. The fact that WHO issued many materials on people’s mental health during this time shows just how big an impact COVID-19 has on our lives.

The impact of this disease is not visible only in human emotions and reactions, but also in the global economy. Estimations from the beginning of the year said that global economic growth would go down from around 3.0 percent to 2.4 percent. In those surroundings, people are easily losing motivation for work, especially knowing that “The COVID-19 recession has seen the fastest, steepest downgrades in consensus growth projections among all global recessions since 1990”. There are two things for sure; the first one is that we can’t change what happened, and the second one is that we must keep going to reach the best outcome, not to grieve over what is lost. Some businesses, unfortunately, could not survive in such conditions. 

It is predicted that as a result of the corona and during its time, 7.5 billion small businesses will be shut. Yet, there are many firms that managed to keep working and gained a profit and whose job type is not connected to the medical industry.

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