How would we live without our self-phones? - SGS JSC

SGS Content Creator & Social Media Coordinator

Today, it is impossible to think that we could change all our apps with books, maps, calculators, or other items. Nevertheless, not often do we remember how amazing these apps are. In 2019 it was spent 27 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps. 

In 2019 it was spent 27 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps. We are spending approximately 35 hours per month using them. In such a market, where various options are already reached, creating a new mobile app demands specific goals, most importantly – uniqueness and simplicity of usage. 



It is necessary to have a developed strategy that will, through analyzing, planning, designing, testing, and many other fazes, grow into a unique and helpful app to achieve those. To be successful at all the mentioned steps, the key is to understand the market.




We have a mission and vision, and firm ground to ideally target a market. Our ideas are based on careful evaluations and mindfully elaborated plans. Using great platforms and apps enriches our process to achievements, helping our employees be faster and equally efficient. Therefore, you can be sure that we will keep our progress no matter what because we are adaptable to the market and know how to follow trends. Using our apps feels like magic, comfortable to the eyes, and practical to the hands. They make every goal easier to reach.

For example, SGS ONE, helps clients to manage the resources they use. This state-of-the-art Software, which acts as a Service (SaaS) solution and as a CRM/ERP system, also appears as a Mobile application, moreover, as a standalone solution on a target market B2B and B2C. Such a developed tool in different shapes with various features offers our clients many personalized solutions and satisfactions of usage. 



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