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In recent years, startups have become a popular investment opportunity for investors looking for high-growth potential and innovative solutions to problems. SGS Department as a Solution (SGS DaaS) is a startup that investors should consider investing in. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why SGS is a worthy investment.



Revolutionising Business Growth in Zagreb with SGS’s Data-driven Solutions

SGS is a company that specializes in helping businesses make informed decisions and build their business in Zagreb. The company’s core focus is on leveraging cutting-edge technology and software such as SGS ONE to enable businesses to access, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data, identify patterns and trends, and develop insights to drive business growth. SGS is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and become a key player in the industry.
SGS had a record-breaking year in 2021, reaching key milestones including acquiring new clients and securing incremental investment from both existing and new investors. The company has raised over €1.9 M in funding from nine investors in total.


Below is an overview of our key 2022 growth metrics:


Unleashing Business Potential in Zagreb with SGS DaaS’s Expert Data Team

The company has a strong team of professionals with extensive experience in data analytics, and business strategy. The company’s team includes experts in data science, software engineering, HR, finance, and business development, among others. This team has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions and driving growth for businesses across various industries. The expertise and experience of this company team make them a reliable partner for businesses.


Customized Solutions for Business Success

Scalable Global Solutions has a unique business model that sets it apart from its competitors. The company provides customised solutions tailored to each client’s unique business needs and challenges. This personalised approach enables SGS DaaS to deliver high-quality services designed to address specific business problems.
Our investors have already seen a positive return on their investment with the company’s share price increasing. This success incentivizes follow-on investments and further strengthens our partnerships.



Versatile Data Solutions for All Industries

The company has a diverse range of clients from various industries, including hospitality, software, and HR, among others. The company’s solutions are designed to be scalable and adaptable to each client’s specific needs. This versatility makes DaaS an attractive partner for businesses looking to improve their operations.


Driving Social Responsibility through Technology with SGS

Finally, Scalable Global Solutions is a startup that is committed to social responsibility. The company aims to use its technology to make a positive impact on society by helping businesses make decisions that are both ethical and sustainable.
As you can see above SGS Department as a Solution is a promising startup in which investors should consider investing. SGS is in a favourable position to emerge as a prominent player in their industry due to its strong team, innovative business model, broad client base, and dedication to social responsibility. Investing in Scalable Global Solutions offers the potential for high growth and a positive impact on society, making it a compelling investment opportunity with high returns.

For the latest details about our current investment round, reach out to our Investment Team at [email protected] and check out our latest company presentation: Scalable Global Solutions JSC (sgs-daas.com).



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