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Build your Team with SGS.

Excellent Customer service is your business card to your clients. Have a multi-language and multi-geographic support as your DaaS from SGS. Your departments would have increased efficiency and reduced cost for:

  • Customer Advocacy
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Front Office
  • Help Desk & Service Desk
  • Support & Community
  • Technical Services & Support

Your dedicated team, defined, selected, trained and operated by you. The Quality you want you will get.


  • Stay on top of your competition. 
  • Your R&D is vital to your company’s success and future.
  • Build your R&D as a DaaS.
  • You win more efficiency, and you gain more work capacity, reduce cost, and get faster the talent you need.
  • You keep all your know-how, competence and expertise, and you gain enormous cost reduction.
  • The leading role of the R and D department is to help a company or organization to maintain its competitiveness.
  • This means keeping an eye on developing trends and on what the competition is doing.

The importance of innovation is vital: We help you achieve that by bringing the needed excellence into your team. R&D Department as a Solution puts you in an excellent position to utilize your budget more efficient. Talk to us, we would like to bring value to your company.


The creation of Daas for Procurement will lead the change to the next stage.

Enhance your level of procurement support in functions and processes like:

  • transactional procurement
  • order processing
  • invoice management
  • strategic procurement
  • supplier selection
  • contract negotiation
  • specification management

Have a central team supporting multi geographics and multi-languages for your company.

These teams are defined, selected, trained and operated by you. Because of the significant cost saving that comes with DaaS you create value for your organization:

  • By building your procurement department as a solution.
  • Accelerate time to value & spend visibility
  • Reduce operational cost by up to 40%
  • Improve compliance & transparency
  • Optimize the user experience and company support

Gather the team you need to make an impact and difference for your company.


Modern supply chains merged from simple connections between business and suppliers to an interconnected network spanning countries, departments and functions.

Whether it is your product development, operations and marketing to finance, distribution networks and or customer service.

Managing & Optimizing these elements requires skill, expertise and access to best in class resources.

You are having your Daas SCM [Supply Chain Management] in Zagreb.

Would it be solving those critical issues?

  • Faster production of cycles and processes
  • Saving operational cost
  • Better supply chain management
  • A larger team for the exact cost
  • Same language and culture

A Deloitte analysis has shown that 79% of businesses with highly efficient supply chains enjoy:

  • more remarkable than average revenues compared to others in their industries
  • up to 3x faster cash-to-cash cycles
  • 15% lower supply chain costs while keeping only 50% of the inventory holdings than their counterparts with sub-optimal supply chains.

Please find out more and connect with us.


8 reasons why Daas Channel / Go to Market solutions is relevant to our clients:

  • Keep the know-how in the company
  • Build your experts in your Zagreb Team. Later you can presell them to country positions
  • Faster Results: through more focus and exchange of know-how and experience
  • Multi-Language & Multi geographic support from one place
  • Quicker and more efficient training
  • Accelerate regional growth
  • Implement Subject Matter Experts and core competencies
  • FINANCIAL GAIN: average cost reduction with Daas channel is 35% lower in opex


SGS is the leading Daas provider for your vital Product and Service Development. We build you the team you need to sustain in tomorrow’s world. Our Client-Centric DaaS model brings you the best of Croatia advantage cost-saving, quality and reliability.

We help you get more output while ad the same time save operational expenditure. Maintain control about your leading solutions, products and services. Build your DaaS teams like:

  • Product Development
  • Digital Platform Engineering
  • eCommerce Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Intranet Development
  • Interaction Centre
  • Quality Assurance Services

With DaaS, you do not need to worry about infrastructure, building, recruitment & maintenance. Each of our engagements models is unique in its way, in terms of the movement up the value chain of trust and win-win partnership.

  • Highly flexible & customized department models to substantially reduce project costs
  • Best engagement framework model specifically to suit individual needs and requirements
  • You can choose an engagement DaaS, based on your cost and time considerations
  • Significant cost benefit to customers in terms of resources as well as infrastructure


DaaS – allows you to bring “wow” support experience to your clients.

Build your modern contact centre in Zagreb. You define and select the team. You train and operate them. You have multi-language and geographic support in the same time zone. Daas will increase your customer interaction by at least 10% while reducing your operational expenditure by more than 30%. Here are a selection of departments you could build for your organization:

  • Contact Centre
  • Customer Helpdesk
  • Technical support centre
  • After Sales Activities
  • Order Intake
  • Secretarial Services

You quickly build up a world-class, fully managed contact centre for your brand with a blend of conversational all human personal approach. Our transparent department as a solution pricing for a true win-win. Your benefit range from cost-saving, language support and geographic support. DaaS is a win-win-win scenario for your organization. In the post-global pandemic, your ideal solutions.

Operations management is a field of business concerned with the administration of business practices to maximize efficiency within an organization.

It involves planning, organizing, and overseeing the organization’s processes to balance revenues and costs and achieve the highest possible operating profit.

An operations manager is tasked with ensuring that the organization successfully converts inputs such as materials, labor, and technology into outputs in an efficient manner.

Our experience as long-term industry insiders in executive positions and with an individual network of skilled managers who can operate at any given stage of development of a business makes us an ahead of the game OPERATIONS provider.



SGS is the first in the world DaaS {Department as a Solution} provider that enables the client to build his departments/vital corporate functions using WaaS {Workforce as a Solution} and SaaS {Software as a Service} as the complete solution.

We Work You Grow


With our global presence and expertise, we influence how people and companies work now and how they will work in the future. We partner with our clients to drive real innovation – the kind that turns an idea into an industry – helping transform and grow their organization.

SaaS is OUT, DaaS is IN



SGS fuses WaaS & SaaS into one tailor-made client solution – DaaS. SGS changes & reshapes the BPO industry while delivering a next-generation premium service to the market.

End-to-End department solutions

We are the first DaaS provider in the world!

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SGS reduces the cost of operations for clients while optimizing the business process towards efficiency and effectiveness. We have defined and set new standards in the world of BPO.







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