SGS clears Module 2 with Skener Osobnosti - SGS JSC

SGS Content Creator & Social Media Coordinator

 It was with great pleasure to host Mr. Davor Bilman last week for another two-day training workshop on improving our sales skills with Skener Osobnosti. This time, the Sales and Investment team were joined by our HR colleagues, as the exercises and knowledge gained in these workshops also proved helpful in their line of work.


The key takeaways from the workshop with Skener Osobnosti were:

  • Becoming effective in communication
  • Develop a better understanding of yourself and others
  • Becoming a top seller
  • Knowing how to choose the right person for a specific position
  • Identifying different kinds of personalities


In a series of practical exercises, we had the opportunity to develop a better sense of characteristics typical of different personalities in the B2B world and how to communicate with them effectively. It was also a great team-building exercise as our team is growing monthly, and this was a great way of connecting with new team members.

We cannot wait for the next workshop and the new skills we will unlock.

Below is a glimpse of how the training went.







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