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Department as a Solution

How DaaS it Work?

You in Charge
DaaS offers clients 100% control over their entire department. With DaaS, we provide you with a tailor-made team based on your specifications.

We search globally and place locally, allowing you to select from the best talent of pre-qualified candidates.

Five Steps to DaaS

1. Client requirements plan:

  • Candidate Specifications
  • Number of Employees
  • Level of Experience
  • Language requirements
  • Additional Skills

2. DaaS Sourcing Process:

  • Global search for local placement
  • Recruitment network in the CEE region and globally
  • Filter candidates that match the job description

We Offer
A bespoke team crafted to your specifications. We source globally and place locally to find the right talent.

3. Client Selection

  • Interview
  • Evaluate
  • Decide

You have the freedom to handpick candidates from our prequalified pool.

4. SGS Integration

  • Employing the candidates for your team
  • Payroll and local law compliance
  • Dedicate office space and equipment
  • Whole department = one monthly invoice

5. Client Integration

  • New hires integrated as clients’ employees
  • Client trains his DaaS
  • New team is ready and set to work
  • Exclusively managed by the client

We handle all aspects of employee administration, including benefits, pensions and health insurance; ensuring a seamless and efficient process for your department.