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Relocation Service

Imagine effortlessly expanding your global presence with our unrivaled Department as a Solution (DaaS) services in Croatia. As the world's first and only provider, we specialize in helping international companies establish fully operational departments by sourcing top-tier talent worldwide and facilitating seamless local hires.

What if your expansion journey could be simplified, with expert consultation and comprehensive relocation packages, allowing you to focus solely on cultivating your team with exceptional international talent? Join us to turn this imagination into reality and unlock your business's full potential in this thriving market.

Visas & work permits

Blue Card

An EU Blue Card is a type of work and stay permit for highly qualified workers who are also third-country nationals.

Blue card is valid for 2 years and has more requirements than work permit.

Specific of Blue Card
Time scale

Visas & Resident

Work & Residence permit

The work and residence permit is tied to a specific work contract.

The term of your residence permit will match the term of your work contract, up to a 1 year maximum.

Labour market test
Specific of residence & work Permit
Time scale

Customer Care

Our team-building services are part of our program and are designed to improve communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Whether it's outdoor adventure activities or indoor problem-solving challenges, our team-building activities will help your team build stronger relationships , enhance their decision-making skills , and boost overall teamwork.