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SGS Workforce App will make a revolution! 05/12/2022


SGS Workforce app is now available on iOS and Android. By using this app, you can always monitor projects and access to latest recruiting status on SGS ONE whenever you want and wherever you are. It gives you a great advantage in recruiting process. Let's make a new r

Attended the Investor Capital Expo in London 05/12/2022


We had the great pleasure of exhibiting at London's third Wholesale Investor event this year. Over 300 investors, startup enthusiasts and advisors gathered to network, listen to the expert panel discussions and explore new investment opportunities.

SGS on the red carpet 01/12/2022


We participated in the World Congress of Angel Investors in Antalya. We are honoured to have the opportunity to present SGS & DaaS in front of investors, global leaders, and senators. We had an amazing time and raised a lot of interest. Looking forward to new part

AI in HR 01/12/2022


HR is evolving fast with the help of machine learning. It makes recruiting more efficient and productive. AI tools help to automate and streamline recruitment by reducing resume screening time. Leaving more time to reduce employee turnover by enhancing employee satisf

SGS has joined Qodeo 29/11/2022


We have become a part of the Qodeo, a startup ecosystem with approximately 7k worldwide investors. Through their AI matchmaking, Qodeo revolutionizes how entrepreneurs find funding and investors build pipelines. Since joining, we have had 342 potential investor matche

Channel Partner network growing 29/11/2022


We just welcomed another Channel Partner, from Germany, a multi-level professional who is also our investor. Thanks for the trust in several branches of SGS's daily business!

CRIISP TV Interview with Markus Borlinghaus 28/11/2022


Our Founder and CEO interviewed with CRIISP TV and gave a high-level overview of our company. The CEO Interviews series allows investors (200,000) to hear directly from the CEOs of companies listed on Wholesale Investor. Interview link:

Top most common mistakes in interviews (HR Tips &Tricks) 24/11/2022


What to avoid during interviews to get that job?   Being unprepared (not knowing about the company, or job) Talking too much or not enough Criticizing previous employers Not asking questions Being late Giving textbook responses Sharing negative traits

Our first Channel Partner from Luxembourg 23/11/2022


Happy to share the signing of the Value-Added Reseller Agreement with our first Partner from Luxembourg who will also prospect the neighbouring countries: Belgium, France and Germany. Our network is growing from month to month!

New Client 23/11/2022


On the 14th of October, we signed a new client after 1 year of negotiations. It is a multinational technology company based in Germany.

BNI- Power Networking 22/11/2022


Our Channel connection from Switzerland invited us to participate in the BNI-Power Networking conference. We will connect live on Zoom. Looking forward to it! 😀

New client 22/11/2022


In August we signed a new client starting from the 1st of September to build, maintain and develop their web page. In 2023 they want to start with the DaaS department.

1st Partner in Switzerland 21/11/2022


We just signed a new Partner, the first one from Switzerland. The company is owned and managed by a Business and Leadership Coach, Trainer, Mentor and Public speaker with whom we have covered the HR topic besides IT and Sales which are currently covered by all of our Consultants.

Channel Partners in full training 21/11/2022


A few of our Channel Partners are to begin their training sessions today. We're certain they will pass the Certification with the highest grades :) and be even better in prospecting Europe for DaaS.

New client signed 21/11/2022


In July we signed a new client, a family owned business from Germany who is in the relocation process to Croatia. In 2023 they want to start with the DaaS department.

BPD Business Process Department 16/11/2022


We are proud of our new Front Desk member Marija Kramarić that has joined our team and fits like a glove. After a month has passed, she is already an independent employee. She is curious, hardworking, resourceful, and has the brilliant mindset that we hoped for.

EU Funds will reduce inflation rate in 2023 15/11/2022


Croatia received approval from the European Competitiveness and Cohesion program for 5.2 billion euros. This money injection will ensure the growth and development of the country. Croatian National Bank expects the inflation rate to start declining next year.

Back into the EU for UK business 11/11/2022


After Brexit, it became difficult for UK businesses to stay profitable. Loss of EU clients and Revenue. DaaS is the service and solution that allows UK companies to gain back profitability and regain competitiveness in the market. Also, it allows UK Companies to enter the

We are on EU Startups! 10/11/2022


SGS has joined forces with EU-Startups, the leading online publication portal with a focus on startups in Europe. With EU Startups, we will have a reach to more than 300,000 startup-interested and tech-savvy people from Europe, be able to post job ads and partake in events.

NEW SGS team member 08/11/2022


The HR team got a new team member! Tara Maya Mammen, who has recently graduated in psychology, has joined our team in the position of Junior Talent Acquisition. At SGS we are so proud of our diversity but if we talk about Tara, Indian, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian, and Sw

Client's NEW team member 02/11/2022


New Software Tester has come a long way from Cuba to join the Orbis team in Zagreb. It was a long journey for him and us, but we are delighted to have him among us. We wish him the best in his new position, we are entirely sure he will achieve more than we expect

Microsoft for Startups Funding 28/10/2022


Our company has received funding from Microsoft worth $25k in Azure credits (up to €150k as we keep growing). This will allow us to speed up our development plans and reach the planned break-even point next year.

Sales Team on Wolves Summit in Vienna 24/10/2022


Our sales team was participating at the Wolves Summit in Vienna on October 20-21 and headed back to Zagreb with numerous contacts of potential Clients and Channel partners. The day after the event we already started negotiations with three of them!

The Channel Account Management team reinforced 24/10/2022


We have reinforced our Sales team this week, more precisely the Channel department, with a young but experienced colleague. Another Marko has joined us and so the number of Markos at SGS is at 5 at the moment!

NEW SGS team member 24/10/2022


We are happy to have a new addition to our HR Team, Anja Buneta. Anja is a sociologist as a profession, and she is highly interested in Recruitment as well as Human Resources. Now, we give warm welcome to her and are glad to announce that our team has expanded to 6 me

Participation at the Wolves Summit in Vienna 21/10/2022


On October 20-21, our team attended the Wolves Summit in Vienna, Austria. During 2 days of high-quality networking, various startups and investor presentations were organised, with 1.136 people attending in person. On day 2, our CEO presented our latest investment rou

SGS is on Funden! 20/10/2022


Funden is an AI-powered platform that makes fundraising quick and easy that has a network of 30.000 investors and 8,000 VCs.

NEW SGS team member 17/10/2022


This month we have a NEW Front Desk Support member. Marija will from now on be the warm face that greets everyone who enters the company. She comes from the lovely Adriatic Coast of Rijeka and has studied Archeology!

SGS ONE Sales Module launched! 14/10/2022


SGS ONE Sales module is launched! It enables you to contact your customers easier and enriches your opportunities in sales. Do not miss this chance to experience our new features!

New client signed 14/10/2022


Proud and happy to announce a new DaaS client from India coming from our Channel Partner. We are looking forward to new business opportunities and the expansion of the team!

Recruitment Strategy 14/10/2022


In Scalable Global Solutions, we provide Department as a Solution (DaaS) and we proudly see our service as a future of employment. Finding applicants with the required experience is not the only key to successful recruiting. We significantly care about conducting our workplace cu

New investment platform - Vestbee 10/10/2022


SGS has successfully applied to Vestbee's "CEE Startups Of The Month" programme. Each month selected startups to get exposure to global VC funds, business angels, accelerators and corporates along with media coverage!

Ticker September - EU FUNDING – TEMPLATES AND MATERIALS 08/10/2022


In September, we applied for our first EU Funding project. The Marketing department helped the Operations and Investment team create PowerPoint templates and update our newest website. The project has been submitted on time and is now in the review phase.

SGS ONE - the best solution for your success 07/10/2022


SGS ONE is an unique and the best solution for all small and medium sized companies. We are very proud of our HR & Sales modules on SGS ONE , and soon we will launch Customer Care and Project Management modules! Of course, it can be fully customized as you want.

New Client 01/10/2022


In August we signed a new client the beginning in October, a logistics company from Germany that will start with their DaaS department in 2023.

Company Valuation Q3 2022 01/10/2022


In Q3, SGS signed several new investors as well as incremental clients, which lead to an increase in the company valuation. The latest company valuation is at €13.087.000, with a €93,48 share price (a 5,63% growth from last quarter).

Diversity in the organization 30/09/2022


Diversity not only improves the perception of the company as a whole but also leads to significant breakthroughs within the company. In SGS, we have team members from 11 different nationalities and speak 13 distinct languages. Be a part of the future with us!

HR Team is growing 29/09/2022


We are excited to announce an addition to our team, Ioana Moldovan, who will fill the position of Senior Talent Acquisition Manager. Ioana had previous experience in Recruitment and has some wonderful ideas for improving our talent attraction strategy.Welcome, to the

NEW investment received 23/09/2022


Keeping potential investors informed about our progress is really valuable. After the initial call and one meeting, the investor decided to invest €65.000. We are grateful for the trust and welcome a new investor on board!

Automated education flow has launched! 23/09/2022


We are excited to announce our new automated education training program SGS ONE Edu on Eduflow platform. This enables self-learning and it saves a lot of time in employee training, development and it is fully able to customize. It will be available for our channel par

All-time high record revenue 20/09/2022


As of September, we have achieved a milestone of generating €50k in monthly revenue. Since the start of 2022, our revenue grew 21% Month-over-Month.

New platform launched 08/09/2022


SGS is on Playbook. We have created a Deal Room profile on Playbook, a platform that helps startups find connections that can create mutually beneficial relationships. Check our profile on this link:

Client's NEW team member 05/09/2022


Our DaaS client Orbis just got new addition! She joined Orbis Zagreb Team in the position of IT Consultant. She comes from Croatia and has 9 years of work experience in Consulting, Finance and the Insurance sector and 2 master’s degrees. We wish her good luck in her n

First RTS client signed 01/09/2022


In August 2022 we signed our first RTS client starting with the 1st of September. An IT company based in Germany and with a subsidiary in Croatia.

NEW investment received 22/08/2022


Received €121.000 in new investments from 1 existing investor and 3 more individual investors.

Another Partner this summer 15/08/2022


One more Channel Partner this summer! This one covers the UK, the DACH region and Nordic countries.

NEW SGS team member 01/08/2022


SGS Sales Team just got new reinforcement! Marko Klenović has joined us in the position of Channel Account Manager. We wish him a warm welcome and we're sure his rich experience will be a great addition to our company!

Growing network of Value Added Resellers 20/07/2022


A consulting company from Finland just joined our growing network of Value Added Resellers.

Signed Advisory Agreement with Mr. Daniel Feander 19/07/2022


At the Venture & Capital event, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr Daniel Feander, an experienced sales expert from the UK, who will help us find investors to join us in our Seed round. Welcome to the team, Daniel.



As part of our efforts to attract new tech talent for our clients and us, we have partnered up with Joberty. The marketing team assisted in creating visuals for our company profile on the platform, which will help us become more recognisable on the market.



Our web page has received a visual update, with new and improved images from respective department representatives, to make the Team section of our website more visually enjoyable.

NEW SGS team member 04/07/2022


The HR Team just got a new team player - Doga Kutlu is joining our company in the position of Talent Searcher. Doga comes from Izmir, Turkey and she is a Psychologist. We wish her a warm welcome!

Company Valuation Q2 2022 01/07/2022


Q2 2022 was an excellent month for the company as we signed several new clients and business partners, leading to an increased valuation of the company. We ended the quarter with a valuation of €12.390.000 and an €88,50 price per share (14,31% quarterly growth).

Organised the first joint SGS Shareholder meeting 20/06/2022


On the 20th of June 2022, SGS organized its first joint meeting of our Shareholders. A total of 5 shareholders across Europe, joined us in the company updates presentation hosted by SGS heads of departments. The next meeting is scheduled for the 10th of October.

Ticker June - NEW PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS 09/06/2022


Organising your work time efficiently and staying hydrated is very important to us, hence why we made new SGS merch: notebooks and thermo bottles with engraved SGS logos for our employees, clients and investors.

NEW SGS team member 06/06/2022


We are so happy to announce a new addition to our SGS team. Muhammed Ghareeb has joined our team in the position of Senior Software Developer. Muhammed comes from Egypt, a warm environment with a warm attitude. It’s great to have him on board!



This month, our company participated in an exclusive investor event in London, UK. For that purpose, the Marketing team has made new templates for the pitch materials to leave a remarkable impression. We also made promotional presents – Licitar hearts, a traditional Croatian souv

Sales Training 24/05/2022


In 2022 we started our Sales training in modules with an external trainer and will be continued in 2023.



Organising your work time efficiently and staying hydrated is very important to us, hence why we made new SGS merch: notebooks and thermo bottles with engraved SGS logos for our employees, clients and investors.

New and updated pitch materials available 13/05/2022


The Investment Team has restructured and updated the pitch materials for our Seed fundraising round. You can check them on the following link:

SGS is on Gust! 05/05/2022


We partnered with Gust, a global SaaS platform for organizing deal flow and relationship management with investors. As the world’s largest community of early-stage investors from 192 countries, Gust is the official platform of the world’s leading angel investors.

Ticker May - NEW SGS team members 02/05/2022


We give warm welcome to Filip Barilić, our Operations Support, and Valentina Jazbec, our Office Coordinator. It’s amazing to have such young, fresh, and talented new members as part of our team.



Due to our rapid growth over the past few months, we have expanded our office space to the first floor. To be recognisable, the Marketing team has created several corporate wall art designs placed on the office's exterior glass walls.

NEW SGS team member 11/04/2022


We are excited to announce a new addition to the SGS team, Maja Pekas, who will fill the position of Investment Relations Manager. We are delighted to have you among us. On behalf of all the members, we would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes!

NEW investment received 06/04/2022


Our long-term investor has made another 5-figure investment into our Seed round. This investment has been his 9th investment into our company.

Attended the Reverse Pitch event by DEPO Ventures 31/03/2022


Our founder and CEO, Mr. Markus Borlinghaus, gave a 3-minute online pitch to 10 CEE investors at the Reverse Pitch event, hosted by DEPO Ventures. Access our Deal Room through this link:

Participated at the Emergence 2022 conference in London, UK 28/03/2022


SGS participated in its first international start-up conference. The Emergence conference, hosted by Wholesale Investor, hosted over four hundred attendees: family office representatives, HNW individuals, consultants, advisors, and potential clients and business partn

Attended the “Investing in the Future” event hosted by Funderbeam and ZSE 17/03/2022


This week, our team attended its first investor conference. The Founder and CEO, Mr Markus Borlinghaus, and the CSO, Mrs Kristina Šmidt Grancarić, represented the company at this pitch event.

Ticker March - NEW SGS team member 14/03/2022


From far Peru comes our new Head of HR. Alexis half Peruvian, half Croatian, decided to make the big move to SGS, and give the boost needed in the HR department. We are completely sure that his experience and values will bring a big value to the company.

NEW investment from two existing investors 04/03/2022


We have received a new investment from two of our existing investors. Together, they have invested €157.500 of fresh capital into our company.

Company Valuation Q1 2022 01/03/2022


We started the year at a valuation of €10.580.000 and a share price of €75,57. Due to new investments by the existing investors, our valuation rose in Q1 2022 to €10.835.000, increasing the share price to €77,39.

New Channel Partner for SGS 01/03/2022


We just signed another VAR Agreement with a consulting company from the United Kingdom and are looking forward to this cooperation.

Signed Advisory contract with SBFO Service 19/02/2022


SGS has signed an Advisory Agreement with SBFO Service, a company based in the UK, that helps start-ups scale up and find investors.

Ticker February - Client's NEW team member 14/02/2022


Orbis team got its first Solution Architect MS365! We are so happy to announce Mohammad A.K.A Matt as a new member of the SGS-Orbis family. His fantastic sense of humour made everyone in the office enjoy his anecdotes. Thank you for the good time Matt

3 investor leads from the CRIISP platform 04/02/2022


Soon after the launch of our CRIISP Deal Room, we have positive traction: 3 accredited private investors from Australia have expressed interest in our Seed fundraising round.

Seamless recruit with SGS ONE Client Project 21/01/2022


SGS ONE Client Project enables seamless connections between your projects and candidates. It helps you to publish job opportunities and organize candidate applications. Further more, Client Reports feature provides you with overviews of projects and all candidates inf

CRIISP Deal Room launched 14/01/2022


In partnership with Wholesale Investor, we have launched our Deal Room using their CRIISP software. An end-to-end capital raising management solution with intuitive tools and analytics, making each step of our fundraising process simpler, easier, and more efficient.

Automatic report makes change in recruiting process! 13/05/2021


SGS ONE Candidate Report makes a big change in your recruiting process! It provides organized information about candidates and how much your candidate's personality fits your company. If you wanna have a look, do not hesitate to contact us!

Automatic report makes change in recruiting process! 13/05/2021


SGS ONE Candidate Report makes a big change in your recruiting process! It provides not only an organized information of candidates but also how much your candidate personality fits your company. If you wanna have a look, do not hesitate to contact us!

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