DaaS Sales - Business Case 2021 - SGS JSC


Item Description
DaaS Solution: Sales
Client vertical: Telephony & IT industry and managed services
Number of employees: 10.000+
Client country: Switzerland
Client and Project Information
Project Start date: 01.04.2021
Contract length [month]: 36
Focus of Service: Inside Sales Account Management Team and PA Team
Area of Expertise Client: Telephony & IT industry and managed services
Geography [Contract]: Switzerland
Contract Value/year [GBP/€]: €180k starting volume
Amount of contracted people: 3
Deal profitability [%]: 41%
Implementation Time [days]: 90

Customer Description:
The Client offers to its customers in Switzerland and Italy a wide range of digital TV, broadband and mobile telecommunications services, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of ICT, cloud, and security services for business customers.

Customer Problem:
The Client would like to further grow their sales team, increase revenue, but decrease costs and expenses at the same time. Also, the Client would like to increase their geographical coverage long-term with a language-adapted sales team.

Provided Service:
SOS – [Sales Optimization Solutions] The Client’s problem was addressed with SGS providing the Client with a virtual workforce based in Croatia as part of the SGS SOS [Sales Optimization Solutions] offering. With carefully picked Sales team members, which are on SGS Payroll, we plan to implement a fully dedicated Sales team for the Client as well as our system of SGS ONE, web/desktop apps, office, maintenance, and other services. On top of that, SGS will provide PA [Personal Assistant] support/services.

Overall, with SGS’s help, the Client achieves a cost reduction of 60% operational expenditure compared to running the same department in the Client’s own country. The strategy is to build a team, winning completely new customers, increase sales farming and hunting in their customer base. Because of the work ratio, 2.5:1, which is specific for Switzerland, the Client increases their performance output from 1 FTE [Full Time Employee]=100% to 3 FTEs = 287% for the exact same budget, which is possible due to the reason that the resources at SGS work at 15% more capacity compared to other European counterparts

Potential Risks:
The concept of a remote virtual workforce fully defined, selected, trained, managed, and operated by the Client is a completely new concept.

Key factors for this success:
The key factor for the Client is to fully understand the potential of cost saving, increased efficiency, and improved performance for the Client Sales department. The current expenses of having one senior AM [Account Manager] in Switzerland, is the same as having 2 AM +1 PA in Croatia that SGS provides.

Expected Return on Investment:
Year 1 = 41% | Year 2 =46% | Year 3 = 46%

Client Statement:
The Client likes the cost reduction.



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