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Opening a subsidiary is one way to tap into global talent, but it’s a time-consuming and costly procedure. A faster and cost-effective alternative will also ensure complete compliance for any foreign personnel – An Employer of Record.


As the Employer of Record, Scalable Global Solutions allows companies to commence operations in Croatia quickly and compliantly, without the costs and time restraints associated with establishing a new local entity/subsidiary. The employment relationship exists between the employee and the EOR (SGS), as we have the legal responsibility. However, the client company is responsible for the day-to-day management and activities.


When to use an employer of record?

  • Whenlooking for a cost-effective solution for your hiring
  • When hiring full-time employees without opening a subsidiary
  • When ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in a foreign country
  • When going beyond your local talent pool and expanding to a global market
  • When there is no capacity or need to perform the research and operations in-house