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There are 4.66 billion people using the Internet worldwide (Statista). As history can recall, there took more than 5000 years from the first wheel (Wired) to the first locomotive, but it took less than 50 years from the first cell phone, in a size of a brick, to the smartphone, in the size of the palm and weight of the feather (Know Your Mobile).
How did that extreme and rapid change affect the world?

Not so long ago, when you decided to go on a trip, you had to open a map to find a place which you are visiting. You were sending postcards to leave a trace of your magical experience and played the radio to sing along the famous hits. In the morning, you gladly bought a newspaper, and in the afternoon, you needed to take out your cluttered wallet with numerous cards to pay for that perfect shirt you were looking for in countless shops. Today, this entire paragraph can be held into one word – cellphone. However, is that really an advantage?

Certainly, the development of technology and the Internet drastically changed how we communicate (Lloyd, 2005). VR and AR enable much more advantages than gaming experience (The Yale Tribune). It is possible to have a conversation face-to-face with the person on the other side of the world. That enhances the work experience and offers a chance for a company to develop globally from one place. Online banking, online stock markets, online textile stores, and much more allow the allocation of time in the day with minimum waste. More precisely, it means – being able to do almost all important business from our comfortable personal space. Among that many pros, there is still one con, the biggest questionable side of the internet: “If everything is online to be reachable at the hand length, what happens with my privacy? “

Transparency and personalization are very important factors of online business, but they can easily turn against you. That is the main reason why it is important to distribute information to make a business first-look attractive properly but to leave a space for further interest. Moreover, no one wants to be overcrowded with unnecessary messages and bugged with friend requests of people with suspicious offers. But there is a solution, you can keep enjoying the surfing and assign all worries to us.

We are using the best technology and virtual workforce to achieve perfect results. Executing our tasks over online databases with high protection allows our clients access to data everywhere and maximum security of their privacy. Furthermore, we are thoughtfully handling all requested demands, even from our home-offices, which makes us coherent at all times. And being stationed in Croatia provides us with not just amazing-tasted food and inspiring views, but, compared to other European and non-European countries, low costs of operations for unique and efficient solutions.

Now is the perfect time if you want to become a part of our aspiring and amiable team!
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