Partners Training Guide - SGS JSC





We are glad to have you onboard our Channel Program!

Partners are a vital part of our business strategy and the way our solutions impact customers’ success.

SGS Group is built to offer great potential and value for our customers. Our solutions are transparent, tailor-made, and cost-effective and we hope, together with our sales team to introduce this concept to businesses and companies worldwide.

We are unique in the way we operate & communicate, so this training is of great importance to both SGS and yourself.

This training guide has been designed to help you understand not only our unique value proposition, our goals & expectation but also help you develop your own unique approach, your business acumen and selling strategies.

Let’s start!

  • SGS is a High-Tech Software and Digital Virtual Workforce Solution.
  • Here for you a competent team that can scale up your departments to any size you need.
  • Developing Business Process Management cloud-based systems in:


  • Business drivers: trainers and solutions are at the core of our DNA.

“We WORK You GROW” – SGS optimizes the efficiency & effectiveness of our Client’s value chain and business success. We enable our Client’s business success and growth with our DaaS {Department as a Solution}. Our focus is to drive, create and optimize our Client’s impact in their market by making them more successful. We do that by:

  • reduce the cost of operations for clients while delivering next-generation premium professional or managed services to the customer.
  • drive the financial performance and operational efficiency of an organization by leveraging highly engaged talent.
  • serve as catalysator of change in the DaaS world and continuously offer progressive resources and scalable solutions.
  • implement with the Professional Service a digitalization of the value chain for the company by implanting SGS ONE. The front end enables the Client to manage better, control, operate and report on the virtual workforce.

We provide customized advice and premium professional service for the core departments of a company that represent up to 80% of the corporate expenditure. The fusion between SGS ONE [ERP / CRM / Enterprise SW] in combination with a Virtual Workforce makes the key market differentiation of SGS to any competitor.


To become the global DaaS provider. To change how future generations will work, live & play—introducing a new concept to clients to become more successful and competitive.
SGS changes & reshapes the BPO industry and has developed state-of-the-art cloud solutions for their clients. We want to help our clients to become more successful and efficient to sustain the ever-growing competition they face.

  • We believe that we have the power to drive the financial performance and operational efficiency of your organization by fusing BPO & RPO & SaaS & Managed Office services into one client solution with the frontend to manage it.
  • Due to the high performance of SGS very own solutions & services, we can ensure that the requirements of our clients are not only met but proactively pushed beyond expectations.
  • We strive for optimized consulting services being enhanced in a steady process. Quality and efficiency are standards you can rely on at SGS. Our advisors & colleagues come from different industries, in which they have held executive management positions for numerous years.





The Conscious Competence Learning Model or Matrix explains how we learn and ultimately acquire new skills.

In this model, the person always begins at Unconscious Incompetence and passes through Conscious Incompetence and Conscious Competence before arriving at Unconscious Competence.


The purpose of this training is to help you understand all 4 stages. The initial training will cover Stages 1 & 2 in detail.

After the initial training and after you have reviewed all relevant documentation and you have had several interactions with customers in the form of “Elevator Pitches”, “Intro Calls,” and “Meetings”, you will automatically move into Stage 3 and overtime into Stage 4.