Meet us at the WI 2022 Expo in London |14 November 2022 - SGS JSC

SGS Content Creator & Social Media Coordinator



This November, we will be exhibiting at our third event this year from Wholesale Investor. In London, UK, SGS will have the opportunity to network with over 500 investors and forge potential partnerships with over 50+ startup companies.


The latest addition to the events is the newest CRIISPTM Networking Zone, which allows networking possibilities before and after the event and saves valuable time when exchanging contact information and pitch materials.


The event will also feature several panel sessions, where keynote speakers and industry experts will share the latest trends in the venture capital space and the future of investing.


WI Expo is a perfect destination for CEOs and founders to feature their innovations while engaging at a deeper level with investors and industry players – creating new layers of business opportunities and building potential strategic partnerships. To check our current investment round, please see our Deal Room.

See you all in London.