Why Covid-19 has built the ground to invest in SGS - SGS JSC

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In these delicate times, the entire world is questioned – what is steady and what is labile? Despite many unknown facts about the future, there is a variety of possibilities that opened their door in the last year, hence the positive options became goals that can be achieved with deliberated and mindful steps. It is realizable not only to retain the existing success but to increase the accomplishments, for instance by investing. However, to gain a profit, it is important to wisely choose where to invest in. One particular type of company stood out in 2020 as it the worth the attention and continued to justify its success in 2021.

It is SaaS! While, on the one side, many confronted the problems with continuing the work in the COVID-19 period, on the other side SaaS companies had not even been scratched by that matter. Moreover, being already educated and equipped for working online, SaaS companies were able to keep their tasks ongoing with equal force and quality. Therefore, when many were advised to stay at home in March 2020, their revenues dropped rapidly down, while ICT industries managed to survive. What distinguishes the SaaS model from others is the fact that SaaS does not require physical grounds to distribute the information, it uses online-based processes which are not only more sustainable, but allow instant deployment of the data. The enduring side of SaaS, along with its numerous other advantages such as speed combined with quality, worldwide availability and never-ending limits make it the ultimate goal for every successful entrepreneur.

That is the reason why Cloud spending rose 37% to $29 billion during the first quarter of 2020Many analysts define SaaS stocks as the best cloud stocks, as a matter of fact, SaaS companies currently make up to 25% of the enterprise software market. This next-generation model reduces the costs of operations and simplifies the software management while keeping the data safe and securing the backup with recovery options. Being on the track to digitalized future, there is no regress, which opens the space for making the best out of the upcoming opportunities. Taken that into the consideration it mentioned more often in the past months that VCs should look toward RPA technology. Considering the above-mentioned facts, it is expected that the SaaS model attracts an increasing number of investors. The new race on the market has begun!

As a SaaS company, we are proudly attesting the various desirable sides of this model. Not even being a startup company prevented us from setting up the firm grounds for success and aiming to further growth. In the past year, we united a team of experts and developed a foundation that, ever since, has been allowing us to use inventive approaches and ideas for achieving our goals. We expanded our team and evolved our processes, using the unique perspective and reaching the next stage of success.

Now we are looking for new partners and adventurers, who are ready to embrace the ambitious atmosphere and take a step with us into the better tomorrow. Will you grab the chance? To take the best of our splendid possibilities, visit our one-pager.