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Olive House

The company

Olive House is an organization for hospitality and traveling founded in 2014 by Oliver & Jacqueline Walter. In addition to having apartments at the seaside on Pag Island in Croatia, their guests have various organized activities throughout the year.


Their growth plan includes setting up a base of operations in Zagreb, while the on-site operations will be conducted on the island of Pag, near Zadar. To do so, they need an adequate solution to handle external maintenance and management of their business while abroad. This includes having a virtual office, meeting rooms, executive assistants, fleet management, local law expertise, and accounting support on-demand.


  • On-demand executive assistants, legal support, fleet management, and office space.
  • Sourcing maintenance workers throughout the year (not only during summer).
  • Broadening the company’s services + complete relocation from Germany.

Client Outcome

  • Handled all administration (legal, facility, office, logistics) without the client having to visit the site themselves.
  • Create a Business Development Plan with a timeline of activities for the next 3 years.
  • Possibility of using the SGS ONE software as a CRM system (sales + marketing as well as booking guests).




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Digipool is Finland’s fresh, agile & modern recruitment and resourcing agency. They use artificial intelligence and an extensive personal network to provide a flawless customer experience and stellar results. With its business growing and wanting to have a better global outreach, company intends to improve its day-to-day operations and have the ability to track project assignments.



Scalable Global Solutions presented Digipool with the SGS ONE software and its HR module.


Client outcome

The user-friendliness of the SGS ONE CRM software helped improve Digipool’s business processes across the whole company. They can now streamline its day-to-day activities across departments clearly and concisely. With the HR module, the recruitment process is optimised: easily tracking candidates across projects and generating unified reports with a few clicks. Satisfied with the outcome of using the SGS ONE, company has decided to become our Channel Partner as well for the Nordics.