How Innovation Happens - SGS JSC

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In a dynamic world full of innovations, a lot of people try to come up with a new idea or concept to help their environment, fill market gaps and earn profit. When it comes to coming up with an innovation, they see that it is not that easy.


Like a garden, innovation does not grow on its own. We must plant seeds and care for them to establish an ecosystem, not just a garden. That is the type of innovation that is self-sustaining and regenerative. Not a technology, a product, or a solution, innovation is a mindset. It also needs time, dedication, and investment.


To help find an innovation, it is important to know the next things:


–        Place your customer at the center of innovation 

What long-term value are we delivering? Customers should consider the long-term value they wish to provide for their chosen customers over the next three to five years.


–       People are at the heart of innovation

Emotional energy motivates people to go above and beyond, regardless of external incentives like pay and perks. Pride in your job and organization can be a tremendous motivator and source of inspiration.


–       It is okay to fail

Not all innovations succeed. It is important to consider this as an option, but keep on challenging yourself and never have regrets.


–       Be patient

Because innovation doesn’t always happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., think about how flexibility can help your company tap into people’s finest skills, no matter where or when they work.