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Hiring Process

At SGS, our hiring process is all about making it accessible and fair for everyone, from entry-level to leadership roles. We value diversity, inclusivity, and a commitment to our innovative DaaS solution.

Join us as we build a representative and inclusive workplace.


Before you embark on your SGS job search, take a moment for self-discovery. It's not just about skills; it's about what truly excites you. Ask yourself:

  • What have you learned that has made everything easier.
  • Were your achievements more individual or team-driven.
  • Do you prefer problem-solving or driving discussions.
  • Reflect on your most rewarding job and why.
  • Describe your standout team experience.

Combine these insights to chart your career path. We're not just looking for skills; we want the passion, unique experiences, and perspectives that make an team member.


Once you've defined your career aspirations, take a closer look at SGS. Dive into our company culture, team dynamics, and the essence of working at SGS.

Explore our company and team websites, check out our YouTube and Facebook channels, and dive into our blog to understand how we nurture our team member. The ideal job should be where your path intersects with ours.

So, take your time to click around. Let's meet at the perfect job that aligns with your aspirations.


Don't settle for a mere resume update. Elevate your hiring process with a tailored approach.

Here's how: 1. Start fresh

Begin with a blank canvas for each job application.

2. Align with precision

Match your skills and experience to the job description, substantiating with data.

3. Highlight projects

Be specific about your accomplishments and how you measured success.

4. Showcase leadership

If applicable, detail your leadership roles and team scope.

5. Showcase your potential

If you're a recent graduate, include relevant coursework or projects.

6. Keep it concise

While there's no page limit, aim for clarity and precision.

7. Cover letter choice

Cover letters are optional; tailor them to the job, emphasize your impact, and use data to strengthen your case.

Your resume should be your best shot, showcasing who you are and how you align with the role. Take your time and make it count.


Don't scatter your applications far and wide; focus on quality over quantity.

Here's how:

  1. 1. Use our career search tool (link to job offers) to tell us about yourself and your career goals.
  2. 2. Explore listings that align with your aspirations.
  3. 3. Keep in mind, you can apply for multiple jobs with us and our DaaS (link) clients.

Remember, many of our successful team member applied for various roles before securing their positions. Timing plays a crucial role, so if your first application doesn't yield the desired outcome, keep the door open for future opportunities.

The Interview Journey:

Our hiring process is your gateway to a fulfilling career at SGS. Here's what you can expect:

  • a. Initial conversations: You'll have one or two shorter phone or video chats with our team to assess key skills.
  • b. Online assessments: Depending on the role, you might complete a brief online assessment, such as a coding quiz.
  • c. Presentations (role-specific): In some cases, a presentation test may be part of the final stage to evaluate how you handle challenges.
  • d. Project work: We may ask for a small project, like a case study or code sample, to understand your problem-solving approach.
  • e. In-depth interviews: Expect a rigorous but friendly interview process, either over video or in person. Our goal is to create an equitable and inclusive experience.
  • f. Evaluation principles: We use structured interviews and open-ended questions to assess your skills, problem-solving abilities, and team dynamics.
  • g. Accommodations: Our Staffing team is here to provide support, from language interpreters to interview breaks, ensuring you can focus on your conversations.

Join us on this journey to unlock your potential at SGS, where we take every effort to find the best and build a high-quality culture and team that exceeds expectations. Your long-term career and development are our top priorities.


Once your interviews are complete, we'll review your application and interview feedback from multiple perspectives. If you're the best fit for the role, our team will extend an offer to you.

Upon accepting the offer, we'll guide you through compensation, benefits, and other essentials. Welcome to the SGS family, where exciting opportunities for national and international career growth await!


  • A. No More Brainteasers We've replaced them with work samples and structured interview questions.
  • B. Diverse Degrees You don't need a specific degree – check the job descriptions for requirements.
  • C. Job Updates If you don't hear from us in two months, we may have moved forward with other candidates. Keep your CV in our database for future opportunities.
  • D. Multiple Applications Feel free to apply to multiple roles, but focus on those that align best with your skills and interests.
  • E. Veterans Welcome Explore roles and programs for veterans on our dedicated page.
  • F. Application Deadlines Check individual job descriptions for deadlines; most positions are open for 8-12 weeks.
  • G. Reapplying You can reapply, but engineering roles may require a one-year gap to gain more experience.
  • H. Technical Interviews A strong understanding of computer science is key, and our Technical Development Guide can help.
  • I. Interview Accommodations We offer recommendations for accommodations but don't reimburse local HQ interviews' travel costs.
  • J. Salary Details We provide some salary information as required by legislation, with offers based on your fit for the role.

Join us on the path to an exciting SGS career.