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The 1st Managed Department Provider in the world

We are trailblazers in the global Department-as-a-Solution (DaaS) landscape, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Our mission is to reshape the way future generations work, live, and thrive by introducing a revolutionary concept that empowers our clients to achieve unprecedented success and maintain a competitive edge.

As a partner in our program, you'll be at the forefront of this transformative wave, unlocking countless opportunities for growth and innovation. Together, we can create a brighter, more efficient future for businesses around the world. Join us in shaping the future of work and prosperity.

Immediate benefits for your business are:

  • Build lasting client relationships, secure a consistent income, and boost profits as an SGS Partner.
  • You'll excel in advising, implementing, and delivering solutions to diverse clients, focusing on companies with 50 to 5000 employees.
  • Our unique DaaS solution empowers you to offer added value, consultancy, and business process enhancements.
  • Join SGS Channel Organization to elevate your expertise, specialize in corporate segments, and expand your network.

Partnership executive summary

Items Starter Advanced Exclusive
Video Content check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
AM Support (Dedicated AM for Project) check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
Daas Training check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
Partner Intranet Page (Access & Management) check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
Partner Listing (Partner Intranet Page) check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
It Support Best Effort (3 working days) check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
Legal documents check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
Offering support check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
Partner network check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
SGS ONE Training check-mark-red check-mark-red check-mark-red
Training material - check-mark-red check-mark-red
Award Program (Can Qualify and Market) - check-mark-red check-mark-red
Certification (Public Listing of Certification) - check-mark-red check-mark-red
It Support Next Business day (24h Response) - check-mark-red check-mark-red
Online Calculator - check-mark-red check-mark-red
Update Sessions - check-mark-red check-mark-red
Virtual Office - check-mark-red check-mark-red
CES (Customer Excellency & Service) Support - check-mark-red check-mark-red
SWS Rampup overview - - check-mark-red
It Support Same Business Day (8h Response) - - check-mark-red
Marketing Support - - check-mark-red
Video Support - - check-mark-red
Channel Program Certifications CONSULTANT
Min. Profit Contribution Target €600,000
DaaS Certified Solutions 1
DaaS Certified Account Managers 2
DaaS Certified Consultants 1
SGS ONE Consultants 1
Partner Company Size Employees >1
Amount of DaaS deals/year [min] 2
Amount of WaaS deals/year [min] 2
SGS Workforce 1
Deal Registration Support check-mark-gray
Deal Calculation Support check-mark-gray
Best Effort Service check-mark-gray
Inside Sales Support check-mark-gray
Channel Program Certifications BASIC
Min. Profit Contribution Target €800,000
DaaS Certified Solutions 2
DaaS Certified Account Managers 4
DaaS Certified Consultants 2
SGS Workforce App Consultants 2
SGS ONE Consultants 2
Partner Company Size Employees >20
Amount of DaaS deals/year [min] 3
Amount of WaaS deals/year [min] 3
SGS Workforce 2
APP Demo 1
Deal Registratioon Support check-mark-green
Deal Calculation Report check-mark-green
Best Effort Service check-mark-green
Back End Debate check-mark-green
Promotion Program check-mark-green
Channel Program Certifications PREMIUM
Min. Profit Contribution Target €1,600,000
DaaS Certified Solutions 4
DaaS Certified Account Managers 8
DaaS Certified Consultants >4
SGS ONE Consultants 4
SGS Workforce App Consultants 3
Partner Company Size Employees >60
Amount of DaaS deals/year [min] 9
Amount of WaaS deals/year [min] 9
SGS Workforce 2
APP Demo 2
Deal Registration Support check-mark-orange
Deal Calculation Support check-mark-orange
Best Effort Service check-mark-orange
Back End Rebate check-mark-orange
Promotion Program check-mark-orange
Dedicated Solution Content check-mark-orange
Inside Sales Support check-mark-orange
Lead Generation Support check-mark-orange
Next Business Day Service check-mark-orange
Online Marketing Campaign check-mark-orange
Discount Program check-mark-orange
Special Deal Request Support check-mark-orange
OIP [Opportunity Incentive Program] check-mark-orange
LCP [Lead Communication Program] check-mark-orange
VIP [Value Incentive Program] check-mark-orange
Channel Program Certifications GOLD
Min. Profit Contribution Target €3,200,000
DaaS Certified Solutions 8
DaaS Certified Account Managers 16
DaaS Certified Consultants 8 <
SGS ONE Consultants 8
SGS Workforce App Consultants 4
Partner Company Size Employees >100 -||-
Amount of DaaS deals/year [min] 19
Amount of WaaS deals/year [min] 19
SGS Workforce 3
APP Demo 3
Deal Registration Support check-mark-oyster
Deal Calculation Support check-mark-oyster
Best Effort Service check-mark-oyster
Back End Rebate check-mark-oyster
Promotion Program check-mark-oyster
Dedicated Solution Content check-mark-oyster
Inside Sales Support check-mark-oyster
Lead Generation Support check-mark-oyster
Next Business Day Service check-mark-oyster
Online Marketing Campaign check-mark-oyster
Discount Program check-mark-oyster
Special Deal Request Support check-mark-oyster
OIP [Opportunity Incentive Program] check-mark-oyster
LCP [Lead Communication Program] check-mark-oyster
VIP [Value Incentive Program] check-mark-oyster
CSE [Customer Service Enchancement] check-mark-oyster
Dedicated Video Content check-mark-oyster
Lead Delivery Support check-mark-oyster
Same Day Service check-mark-oyster
SSPP [SGS Service Partner Program] check-mark-oyster

Partnership Benefits

Certification levels: Consultant, Basic, Premium, Gold

Specializations: develop your expertise in specific technology areas, as well as in people, process, and infrastructure practices

  • Commission on every deal’s net amount

  • Partner Programs

  • Partner Promotions

  • Back-end rebates

  • Free access to SGS Partner Intranet

  • Free training materials to boost your manager’s sales knowledge

  • Free marketing materials

  • Seminars, partner events and partner network

  • Deal registrations support

  • Deal calculations support

  • Dedicated SGS Channel Manager

  • Lead generation dedicated team

  • Service and support department

  • Deal calculation support

Channel Team

For your convenience, please contact us for any question or information.

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