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The current situation in Ukraine is forcing people to emigrate from their homes and leave their work.
As today office-related jobs do not require employees to be physically present at their office, while still getting the job done, we are able to help and preserve your workflow.

Our goal is to provide a new department and team, for your business, in the fastest way while balancing quality results.
You can keep your existing job and quality of life, by working for your company, from our offices in Croatia.
We provide a complete infrastructure to open up your office space in a short period of time.

This enables you the fastest way back to work, for you and your company.
The procedure is simple: if you are located in Croatia or are thinking of moving to Croatia, contact your company and ask them to continue your work from here, in our offices.

Our team is available to help you with the transfer, compliance and all the administration.

After your company has settled all the details regarding the work and office organization, we can help you find suitable housing and settle in.
Our company is covering the following sectors:

  • IT
  • Back Office
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Customer Care


If you need help to contact your company and organize your transfer, please apply here:

If you are searching for new job, please apply here:

If you are representative of the company who wants to reorganize your employees placement, please send us an email to [email protected].


We are looking forward to hearing more from you.

З найкращими побажаннями,


The SGS Team