DaaS Recruitment - Business Case 2021 - SGS JSC


Item Description
DaaS Solution: Recruitment
Client vertical: Construction, Railway
Number of employees: 1.001-5.000
Client country: Switzerland
Client and Project Information
Project Start date: 12.10.2020. pilot project, 1.3.2021 DRS
Contract length [month]: 12
Project Team: R&R, BST, Sales
Area of Expertise Client: Construction, Railway
Geography [Contract]: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, North America, Australia, Ireland
Contract Value/year [GBP/€]: €200.000+
Amount of contracted people: 3
Deal profitability [%]: 34%
Implementation Time [days]: 30, depending on the Client

Customer Description:

The Client is one of the largest construction companies in the EU market dealing in Railway construction, large industrial complexes etc. Their products range from manufacturing tailor-made solutions for their clients, maintaining tracks to conducting whole projects, both as a general contractor or as a design and build contractor.

Customer Problem:

The Client does not have a centralized database and recruitment team for managing all their countries. They were hiring different agencies and were spending a lot of money without the permanent and centralized solution. After a SGS pilot project for the Client, in which we showcased how we work and manage projects, we gained the approval of the Client’s Board and CHRO to implement our DRS offering fully.”

Provided Service:

We plan to implement a fully dedicated recruitment team for the Client as well as our system SGS ONE, web/desktop apps, office, maintenance, and other services. We expect a team ramp up in the time frame of 6 months. We expect in the next 18 months for the team to grow to 10 people and expected turnover of €900.000+.


20 to 30% lower cost of building a team in Croatia than in Germany, Austria or Swiss.

Potential Risks:

The concept of a remote virtual workforce fully selected, controlled and managed by the Client, is a completely new concept to the Client.

Key factors for this success:

The key factor is to get the Client to fully understand the potential of cost saving, better efficiency and improving the business model of Client’s Sales and HR departments.

Expected Return on Investment:

Year 1 = 34% | Year 2 = 39% | Year 3 = 39%

Client Statement:

The Client’s CHRO is 100% on our side and wants to implement the SGS service in their company asap. Having seen the potential shown by the pilot, they look forward to strong results from the full implementation of the Dedicated Recruitment Service with SGS growing the team, including senior specialists, for the Client, to deliver results at the targeted level.



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