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Back Office Features

Master Your Business: Build Your Specific Department with SGS DaaS


Why running your company bookkeeping service in house and in-country?  Instead, run your team in SGS. You specify the requirements of your team and select the right members. You manage the team and the operations like before. You save up to 60% of the operational costs while driving efficiency. Get a quote and find out more.


We live in an online world now, why is your control not set up like it? Have your Controlling as a department with us.  You have everything under control and manage it – but you save huge operational costs while increasing productivity.


How often do you see your PA in Person?  Have a top PA team with multi-language and geographic support with us. More PA support, higher quality, more coverage and less cost.


We have learned that people can work perfectly even from home in 2019 and 2020. Working as your virtual phone desk from Zagreb increases performance, language coverage and saves cost. Increase your customer support and presence with DaaS.


Do project management and coordination require in-house presence? Build your PM team with SGS as a DaaS. High performance, increased productivity with the reduced overall cost is a win-win-win scenario.


Data Administration as a DaaS. Allowing you to give global support, top quality in various languages. Your team, defined, selected, trained and operated by you.

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  • Software installation and management
  • Data Extraction, Transformation and loading
  • Specialized data handling
  • Data Analysis
  • Database backup and recovery
  • Security, Authentication, Capacity planning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Database tuning
  • Your team, your selection run and operated and controlled by you the client.


Building your Process Management team as a department with SGS you gain. More efficiency, reducing the cost and running a more responsive Process Management. Ability to implement multi-language and geographic support for your organization.