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Customer Care Features

Master Your Business: Build Your Specific Department with SGS DaaS

We are Customer Support experts with industry insider experience and a network of skilled managers. We can help you identify your needs and reduce costs while improving quality. Our process and technology expertise deliver measurable ROI. We offer flexible and scalable solutions for your organization’s Customer Support needs.


SGS eCommerce DaaS can help you implement an effective online business strategy. Transition your team to SGS in Zagreb to work with real-time data and optimize your eCommerce approach. Our experts can guide you in selecting the right marketplaces. Utilize our DaaS eCommerce department to reduce costs, increase productivity, and optimize your GTM strategy.


SGS Telemarketing DaaS offers effective lead generation and can be used for various sales purposes, such as insurance, eCommerce, and more. Our solution provides multi-country and language support, bridges to other departments, and increases the chances of converting prospects into customers using a human voice.


DaaS helps you focus on market insights, product development, marketing, strategic development, and customer service potential. Our solution offers competitive benchmarking, historical data, forecasts, and geographic analysis. With DaaS, you can build a high-impact customer care and marketing research/analysis team to promote your products and services. Our benefits include customer experience across channels, AI, machine learning, chatbot technologies, and workforce optimization. DaaS also answers questions about market recovery, delivery models for CRM applications, WFH impact on workforce engagement, and market size and forecast for customer service applications.