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Operational Department Solutions

Master Your Business: Build Your Specific Department with SGS DaaS

Welcome to a new era of operational excellence At SGS, we empower businesses like yours to stay in full charge of every facet of your organization while optimizing efficiency and cost. It’s time to elevate your operational game to new heights. Say goodbye to silos and inefficiencies. Say hello to SGS DaaS- the ultimate solution for harmonizing your operations and supercharging your success.


Build a dedicated customer support team with SGS as your DaaS. We offer multi-language and multi-geographic support for increased efficiency and reduced cost in areas such as customer advocacy, engagement, experience, service and technical support.


Empower Your R&D: Your Team, Your Way. With SGS DaaS, take the reins of your R&D department. Define job requirements, handpick talent, and orchestrate your team while we ensure security and retention.

  • Tailored Precision: Craft your dream team, handpicking the talent that aligns perfectly with your goals.
  • Innovation Amplified: Unleash unparalleled innovation and efficiency within your organization.
  • Budget-Smart: Achieve cost-effectiveness without sacrificing excellence.

Stay ahead with SGS DaaS – your R&D, your rules, your success.


Take procurement to the next level with our Procurement Department as a Service (DaaS). Elevate your support in key functions:

  • Transactional Procurement
  • Order Processing
  • Invoice Management
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Supplier Selection
  • Contract Negotiatios
  • Specification Management

Empower your organization with a centralized, multi-geographic, and multi-lingual procurement team. You’re in control – define, select, train, and operate your teams. DaaS drives substantial cost savings and adds value:

  • Build Your Procurement Department as a Solution
  • Accelerate Time-to-Value & Spend Visibility
  • Reduce Operational Costs by Up to 40%
  • Improve Compliance & Transparency
  • Optimize User Experience & Company Support

Gather the team you need to make a lasting impact for your organization. Explore the future of procurement with SGS DaaS.


Unlock the Future of Supply Management with DaaS. Today’s supply chains have evolved into complex, global networks encompassing various departments and functions, from product development to customer service. Managing and optimizing this intricate web demands expertise and access to top-tier resources.

Enter DaaS SCM [Supply Chain Management] in Zagreb – the solution to your critical supply chain challenges:

  • Accelerated Production Cycles
  • Operational Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Management
  • Expand Your Team Without Added Costs
  • Seamless Language and Culture Alignment

According to Deloitte, businesses with highly efficient supply chains experience:

  • Above-Average Revenues
  • Up to 3x Faster Cash-to-Cash Cycles
  • 15% Lower Supply Chain Costs

Join the ranks of industry leaders and discover how DaaS can transform your supply management. Connect with us today for more details.


8 reasons why Daas Channel / Go to Market solutions is relevant:

  • Keep expertise in-house
  • Build a Zagreb team of experts to be pre-sold to other country positions
  • Faster results due to more focus and exchange of know-how
  • Multi-language and multi-geographic support from one location
  • Quicker and more efficient training
  • Accelerate regional growth
  • Implement Subject Matter Experts and core competencies
  • Average cost reduction of 35% in opex with Daas Channel


Elevate Your Vision with SGS DaaS for Product & Service Development. SGS stands as your premier DaaS provider for shaping the future of Product and Service Development. We’re here to assemble the dream team that propels you into tomorrow’s world. Our Client-Centric DaaS model not only leverages the cost-saving advantages of Croatia but also ensures unparalleled quality and reliability. Imagine unlocking higher output while simultaneously trimming operational costs. With SGS, maintain unwavering control over your leading solutions, products, and services. Customize your DaaS teams for:

  • Product Development
  • Digital Platform Engineering
  • eCommerce Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Intranet Development
  • Interaction Centre
  • Quality Assurance Services

Our DaaS takes away the worries of infrastructure, building, recruitment, and maintenance. Each engagement model we offer is unique, fostering trust and win-win partnerships as we ascend the value chain.

  • Highly Flexible & Customized Department
    Models for Cost Reduction
  • Tailored Engagement Frameworks to Meet
    Your Needs
  • Choose DaaS Engagement Based on Your Cost
    and Time Preferences
  • Significant Cost Savings on Resources
    and Infrastructure

Get ready to envision, innovate, and excel with SGS DaaS. Connect with us to explore the limitless possibilities that await.


Transform Customer Support with SGS DaaS. Imagine delivering a “wow” support experience to your clients with DaaS. Create a cutting-edge contact center right in Zagreb, where you have the power to define, select, train, and operate your team. Benefit from multi-language and geographic support in the same time zone. With DaaS, you can increase customer interaction by at least 10% while reducing operational expenditure by over 30%. Consider the following departments for your organization:

  • Contact Centre
  • Customer Helpdesk
  • Technical Support Centre
  • After Sales Activities
  • Order Intake
  • Secretarial Services

Effortlessly build a world-class, fully managed contact center that blends a conversational, personal touch with all-human interactions. Our transparent department-as-a-solution pricing ensures a true win-win. Enjoy cost savings, language support, and geographic advantages. DaaS is a win-win-win scenario for your organization in the post-global pandemic era-your ideal solution awaits.