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Human Resources Solutions

Master Your Business: Build Your Specific Department with SGS DaaS

Our seasoned experts are here to amplify your workforce management, serving as your partners in HR innovation. We improve your recruitment process by finding the best candidates for your departments. Unlock peak performance with SGS DaaS

DRS [Dedicated Recruiter Solution]

Change your Talent Aquisition challenge, Discover a proven DaaS solution that transforms your talent acquisition game. Get more output at a lower cost while building a scalable recruitment team, all backed by real-time reporting. With SGS ONE, enjoy 24/7 transparency and eliminate staffing issues. Our proactive search, guided by Subject Matter Experts, ensures swift and efficient placements. Master the talent landscape and secure top-tier talent with ease.

RTS [Research Talent Service]

RTS is a next-gen DaaS solution for recruitment agencies and process outsourcers. It enhances search quality and reduces costs up to 50%. With real-time reporting and coordination, TRS covers the research and identification phase of the placement process. SGS ONE and SGS WORKFORCE provide transparency to clients and reduce sourcing costs. Increase your efficiency with TRS.

HRAS [HR Administration Solution]

HRAS provides a dedicated DaaS team to coordinate your existing team, build a database in SGS ONE, and handle HR administration tasks such as personnel record keeping, policy updating, and report creation. Let us help you streamline your HR processes and improve your team’s efficiency.

CBS [Compensation & Benefits Solution]

Build a Compensation & Benefits DaaS Team to oversee your programs. Use SGS ONE to build a database. Evaluate, modify, and develop programs while ensuring compliance with legislation. The team can also support daily operations.

PDS [People Development Solution]

Build a People Development DaaS Team with experts to create training plans aligned with company objectives, manage employee development, and coordinate with leaders and third-party providers. Use SGS ONE to build a training database and ensure statutory training compliance.

EPS [Executive Placement Solution]

Get the executives you need with EPS – our executive search professionals have the network and expertise. Use SGS ONE to manage the process and have 24/7 reporting. With centralized, multi-geographic coverage, our team can provide excellent candidate reports for your leadership team. Access it all through the SGS Workforce app.

FHRM [Fractional HR Manager Solution]

Get your own Fractional HR Manager with SGS ONE to supervise your HR team, manage employee-related tasks and implement HR strategies. Build a Database in SGS ONE with necessary HR documents. Implement your Fractional HR Manager to conduct administrative duties, performance and wage reviews, develop policies, and create reports. Get decision support through HR metrics and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures.