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Master Your Business: Build Your Specific Department with SGS DaaS


Discover our Pay-Per-Click marketing prowess across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Elevate your online presence with Google display advertising. Our SEO services enhance website content and boost your search engine rankings for vital keywords. Plus, envision building your very own Digital Marketing Team, starting with a fractional person and growing it over time as needed. Experience the elegance of marketing with SGS DaaS.


Cultivate Social Media Success: 6 Optimization Techniques You Can’t Miss

1. Power Up with Influencers
Elevate your social profiles by collaborating with industry influencers.

2. Timing is Key
Tailor your posting schedule to resonate with your audience and maximize impact.

3. Data-Driven Insights
Keep a pulse on engagement levels with social media analytics.

4. Grab Attention
Craft captivating headlines and captions that make your content stand out.

5. #VisibilityMatters
Use relevant hashtags to boost visibility and organize your content effectively.

6. Visual Storytelling
Enhance engagement with eye-catching visuals, user-generated content, and explore the dynamic world of live streams for an immersive experience in audience interaction.


Newsletters and email marketing allow direct access to your audience’s inbox for sharing engaging content, promoting sales, and driving website traffic. Create professionally designed newsletter templates and use personalized programs, HubSpot, Mailchimp, or other platforms for sending. Email marketing helps build relationships with leads, customers, and past customers and can become one of the most impactful marketing channels with the right messaging.


Internet marketing analytics help you monitor and optimize campaigns. Keywords are important performance metrics that reveal customer preferences and behaviors. Utilize keyword data to inform product design, customer surveys, industry trends, and customer support. Tips for online marketing include keyword research, paid search campaigns, analyzing results, implementing natural search, and using negative keywords to prevent unnecessary spend.


To optimize social media presence, have a solid strategy and conduct keyword research for SEO. Optimize profiles with a picture, username, and bio. Share high-quality, original, and curated content on multiple platforms to reach the target audience where they spend their time.


Our creative services include:

  • Website design: enhancing user experience through usability, accessibility, and pleasure.
  • Website redesign: using strategy and new technology to increase conversions and decrease maintenance costs.
  • Branding and logo design: bringing color, character, emotion, and uniqueness to your brand.
  • Video production: effectively communicating your business messages to your clients, consumers, and visitors.


We offer website development services for CMS, E-Commerce, LMS, and Community/Membership Websites. Our solutions are robust, scalable, and use the latest technologies.


As a product manager, you set strategy, define releases, evaluate ideas, prioritize features, create roadmaps, and analyze progress towards goals.


Public relations involves corporate communications, media relations, community relations, crisis management, and events management. Each component plays an important role in creating and maintaining a positive image for your business.


5 signs you may need a fractional CMO:

  • Your company can’t afford a full-time marketing executive
  • Your established company needs modern marketing strategies
  • Sales team creates their own marketing materials
  • Lack of marketing insights leads to ineffective spending
  • Need for interim marketing leadership or advisory services