Training - Module 3 - SGS JSC

Training – Module 3


Reporting with Monday and SGS ONE

Every or every other day run your Octopus campaigns to connect as many relevant people as you can on LinkedIn. Weekly maximum connection is 100, so keep that in mind when sending LinkedIn messages manually.


On Fridays, the salesperson is required to update following:


  1. Sales Reports and that includes Octopus sent requests and Acceptance rate in percentages (%) together with Opportunities entered in SGS ONE and Intro Calls performance
  2. Introduction Calls and Meeting list that includes entering all opportunities from that week. Make sure to select the right type of the opportunity and to add any relevant notes
  3. FC Commitment that includes all forecasted opportunities and its status. Forecast for entered opportunities must have expected closing date and any relevant notes
  4. Sales Call Stats entered by Ksenija (COO) that includes call statistics categorized by months and weeks. Keep track of your call statistics to hit the set target



  1. No potential – go through no potential opportunities and see if there is further potential for the follow up
  2. Contacted – follow up with potential opportunities, call and connect on LinkedIn
  3. Introduction Call – keep communication tab up to date, add next activity and expected closing date.
  4. Meeting – together with all info above, add estimated closing in €.
  5. Sent Offer and Forecast – make sure to update and follow up with potential accounts accordingly


 How to search in SGS One


  • In SGS One, our database, you will find under Sales: Accounts, Contacts, Candidates, Client Projects





  • you can search all tabs by entering the keyword in the search box in the upper right part of SGS One


  • it is important to enter the word from the beginning, whether it is a name of an account or a contact etc., otherwise you will not get any results








  • if you want to search a specific tab or keyword, you can search them by Filters or Group By selecting desired categories (Salesperson, Company, Country) or Add custom group. You can also save your search criteria by adding them to Favorites.