Our experience as long-term industry insiders in executive positions and with an individual network of skilled managers who can operate at any given stage of development of a business makes us an ahead of the game RECRUITMENT provider.



DaaS Sourcing & Recruitment Features

Helping your recruitment & sourcing team mastering the talent landscape by finding & sourcing top talent!

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Retention
  • Talent Development
  • HR Transformation
  • Performance Management
  • Outplacement
  • Workplace Planning
  • Compensation
  • HR Project Management Optimization

DRS [Dedicated Recruiter Solution]

Helping your recruitment & sourcing team mastering the talent landscape by finding & sourcing top talent!

Our proven DaaS solution is helping you to increase sourcing and recruitment output while reducing costs.

  • Start to build your own dedicated recruitment team that is scalable and comes with real-time reporting
  • SGS ONE will allow you to gain full transparency of the sourcing process with 24/7 reporting
  • No more scalability issues and problems in staffing and ramping up your company with top talent
  • Change from reactive searching for candidates to a proactive search
  • No more delays in placement
  • Real SME [Subject Matter Experts] doing the Search
  • Highly Adaptive to your needs
  • Fast, Efficient and fully integrated resources

RTS [Research Talent Service]

RTS is the next-generation DaaS solution for the recruitment industry.

It allows “Recruitment Agencies” & “Recruitment Process Outsourcer” to increase search quality while cutting costs up to 50%.

  • This service is online, real-time, and with excellent possibilities.
  • Unique solution for the recruitment industry.
  • We help the recruitment industry to find faster the candidates they need for their clients.
  • Your DaaS team covers the “Research & Identification” part of your placement process.
  • SGS ONE and SGS WORKFORCE allow you real-time reporting to your clients and candidate coordination.
  • We are reducing the sourcing cost for the recruitment industry up to 50%.
  • DaaS will increase your efficiency and transparency to your clients.


SGS Philosophy

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The solution for your HR & sourcing needs

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Service Delivery & Execution

We ensure the delivery in the following steps


HRAS [HR Administration Solution]

Build your own HR Administration DaaS Team with professionals who will coordinate your existing team. Allow your company to build a Database in SGS ONE with the documents and files you need. Our Clients understand that HR Administration is a specific business where the eye for detail is the key to success. Implement your HR Administration DaaS Team with:

  • organizing and maintaining personnel records, entering new hire data and updating any previous employees data
  • updating internal HR database (entering sick leaves, maternity leaves and more)
  • reviewing, revise and update company policies
  • preparing various HR documents (new hire guides, employment contracts, compensation lists and more)
  • assisting recruiters, talent acquisition teams and HR staff with activities such as onboarding of new team members and collecting all the data in the recruitment process
  • creating regular presentations and reports on HR metrics such as turnover rates, retention rates and more
  • arranging any travel accommodations
  • helping the payroll department by providing them with up to date information on all employees including sick leaves, leaves of absence, overtime hours, work schedules and more

CBS [Compensation & Benefits Solution]

Build your own Compensation & Benefits DaaS Team with professionals who will plan and oversee your organization’s compensation and benefits plans. Allow your company to build a Database in SGS ONE with the documents and files you need. Our Clients understand that Compensation & Benefits is an important business in order to have competitive and cost-efficient programs that will assist with employee retention and attract top talent. Implement your Compensation & Benefits DaaS Team with:


  • evaluating and modifying existing compensation and benefits programs, policies and procedures
  • developing and implementing new compensation and benefits programs, policies and procedures
  • ensuring all programs, policies and procedures comply with current legislation
  • supporting the HR team in the daily operations related to compensation & Benefits activities
  • developing profit-sharing incentives, employee wellness and performance management programs
  • preparing budgets, reports and presentations

PDS [People Development Solution]

Build your own People Development DaaS Team with professionals who will help you grow and develop your employees. Allow your company to build a Database in SGS ONE with the documents and training files you need. Our Clients understand that People Development is an important business for expanding the talents and skills across all employees at all levels within their organizations. Implement your People Development DaaS Team with:

  • creating training plans that are aligned with the organization’s objectives and having a strong understanding of what these are
  • acting as the go-to within the business for anyone with questions or queries regarding training and development plans
  • working closely with various leaders across the organization and having a full understanding of their units and training requirements
  • embracing different styles of training techniques, including e-learning or tutorial sessions
  • having an awareness of the allocated budget and an ability to find solutions in order to implement the required training
  • building relationships with third-party training providers
  • coordinating the development of the HR team from a training perspective
  • ensuring employees receive statutorily required training
  • maintaining a smooth onboarding process

DEPS [Dedicated Executive Placement Solution]

Build your own Executive Search Team with professionals that have the network. Allow your company to build a Database in SGS ONE with the executives you need.

Our Clients understand that executive search is a specific business where respect for the individual is the key to success. Implement your Executive Search Team with:

  • executive search professionals specialize in identifying & sourcing talented executives within your sectors of excellence and functions
  • SGS ONE allows you to manage, interview, report and background check all the top candidates in the process from start to finish.
  • By having a centralized team you have the advantage to train them and have top executives recruitment professionals with years of experience in one place.
  • centralized multi geographic coverage
  • centralized Multilanguage team if applicable and wanted by the client
  • 24/7 reporting on all activities around the process for Head of HR and or senior management
  • Excellent Candidate Reports in CI of the client for the leadership team.
  • SGS Workforce is the app where you can see it all and manage it all.

FHRM [Fractional HR Manager Solution]

Have your own HR Manager with us who will help you monitor your HR team and implement the HR strategies in your organization. Allow your company to build a Database in SGS ONE with the documents and files you need for HR. Our Clients understand that the role of an HR Manager is important for their business in order to supervise and manage all the employee-related tasks in their organizations. Implement your Fractional HR Manager with:

  • supervising the recruitment and selection process
  • training, counseling and coaching your staff
  • carrying out necessary administrative duties
  • conducting performance and wage reviews
  • developing clear policies and ensuring policy awareness
  • creating clear and concise reports
  • developing and implementing HR strategies for your organization
  • develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization
  • report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics


DaaS is invented to be your department. Your team is defined, selected, trained, operated and managed by your company.
“DaaS is not outsourcing” everything is under your control!
Daas will reduce your cost and improve the quality of your hiring process.
Our exceptional solution and technological expertise based on our industry insights allowed us to build SGS ONE that has the tools, methodologies, processes, and reporting’s your organization needs.
We designed our solutions to be flexible and scalable for you.


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SGS reduces the cost of operations for clients while optimizing the business process towards efficiency and effectiveness. We have defined and set new standards in the world of BPO.







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