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Customer Care is too vital to outsource.
Someone else takes care of your clients?

We believe talking to clients is key and being there for them – so do our clients – hence why you should build their Customer Care / Support with us in Zagreb.



DaaS is NOT outsourcing.

Learn the difference between DaaS and outsourcing.

Our clients define the job profile of their agents, select them in the interview process, train and operate them and manage the team.

Globally eCommerce business is on the rise!

Wondering if your online business strategy is apt for your business or not?

Thought you would not have the budget to get it done?

With SGS eCommerce DaaS you will be able to implement and run it!

  • Post Corona it would be great if you focus on the potential of an eCommerce business approach for your organization by implementing your department into SGS.
  • Transition your current team to SGS here in Zagreb.
  • Work with real-time data as you could have the resources in DaaS
  • Increase your eCommerce testing & optimization

You can build and implement the experienced digital commerce consulting experts that you have selected. Your team will build your online entry strategy and decide which marketplaces are right for you to sell your products and reach a more extensive array of customers.

Utilize the benefits our your DaaS eCommerce department with us. Reduce cost and increase at the same time effort, output and quality as the increased WaaS productivity will benefit your company. Optimize your GTM [Go To Market] Strategy.

Also, check out your potential solutions under marketing you could implement for your company.


With DaaS, you are able to build you high impact telemarketing Team that can help your company to promote or sell your products, services or solutions to prospective customers over a call or social media.

We have helped several leading businesses in the B2B & B2C space/brands achieve significant topline and bottom-line growth by implementing their Telemarketing DaaS solution with SGS.

Our telemarketing DaaS is ideally suited for eCommerce companies, banking and financial institutions, telecom firms, mobile manufacturers, airlines, hotels, IT and ITES firms amongst several others.

  • Effektive „Lead Generation“
  • Manage your Channels and Distribution better
  • Multi-Country & -Language Support for your clients
  • Great to reach out to prospects
  • Tell them about your products & services
  • Grow your brand awareness
  • Inbound and outbound coverage
  • Building bridges to other departments, Sales, Services, Operations etc.

DaaS – Telemarketing using a human voice increases the chances of a prospect converting into a customer manifold. A human voice can identify the needs of an individual customer better and offer a customized solution to address their requirements.

Examples of things that can be done with an efficient Telemarketing DaaS [Department as a Solution] could be i.e.:

General Sales, Insurance Sales, eCommerce Product Sales, Retail and Corporate Loans, Airline Ticket Sales, Real Estate, Promotions, Mobile Packages, Internet Services, B2B, B2C of all kinds.

Learn more about DaaS Telemarketing here.

Market inside is Key. Keep product development, marketing, strategic development, analytics of trends, leading competitive vendors, emerging market opportunities and or customer service potential in your focus.

DaaS will help you too:

  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Historical Data & Forecasts
  • Company Revenue Shares
  • Geographic Analysis and Opps
  • Latest Trends & Dynamic

With DaaS, you are able to build you high impact customer care & marketing research/analysis Team that can help your company to promote, position your products, services or solutions to prospective customers. DaaS benefits are:

  • The customer experience (CX) across channels for B2B and B2C
  • Customer Service and Contact Center Applications
  • AI, Machine Learning, and Chatbot Technologies in Customer Care
  • Workforce Optimization in the Contact Center
  • Customer Experience End-User Study
  • Competitive Analysis of Cloud Contact Center Leaders


DaaS will solve questions like:

  • What cost-saving potential post-COVID-19 can be generated?
  • What is the market recovery trajectory and long-term outlook post-COVID-19?
  • Where is the market for customer handling technologies and services headed in terms of transitions from on-premises to hybrid cloud solutions?
  • What are the fundamental components of the customer experience?
  • What delivery models for CRM applications are end-user organizations adopting?
  • How is WFH impacting workforce engagement solutions?
  • What are the market size and five-year forecast for customer service applications, and who are the major players?
  • Who are the leading providers of contact center applications?
  • Where are the best opportunities for implementing AI within a CX environment?

Our experience as long-term industry insiders in executive positions and with an individual network of skilled managers who can operate at any given stage of development of a business makes us an ahead of the Customer Support provider.

Identification of your desires, needs and possibilities
Reducing costs and improving the quality of hire
Exceptional process and technological expertise
Delivering a measurable ROI [Return On Invest]
Unique solution for Customer Support sector
Flexible and scalable solutions to your organization’s needs



SGS is the first in the world DaaS {Department as a Solution} provider that enables the client to build his departments/vital corporate functions using WaaS {Workforce as a Solution} and SaaS {Software as a Service} as the complete solution.

We Work You Grow


With our global presence and expertise, we influence how people and companies work now and how they will work in the future. We partner with our clients to drive real innovation – the kind that turns an idea into an industry – helping transform and grow their organization.

Outsourcing is OUT, DaaS is IN



SGS fuses WaaS & SaaS into one tailor-made client solution – DaaS. SGS changes & reshapes the BPO industry while delivering a next-generation premium service to the market.

End-to-End department solutions

We are the first DaaS provider in the world!

Check our other services,
and combine them into your DaaS solution.


SGS reduces the cost of operations for clients while optimizing the business process towards efficiency and effectiveness. We have defined and set new standards in the world of BPO.







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